Self closing box tutorial

Self Closing Box


Fundamental Card stock: 8 ½” x 6”

Score on long side @ 4” and 8” or score at 4” and turn and score at ½” if you have the CTMH score board.

Score on the short side @ 1” and 5”

Turn back to the long side (making sure that the ½” line is on the right hand side) and make a small score @ 2” and 6” down to the score line. This becomes the bottom of the box.

Take a ruler and a scoring tool and score from the corner to the centre mark, as shown. This forms the diagonal folds.

Cut away the small pieces on both ends then cut up all the lines, as shown.

Fold and burnish all the lines as well as the diagonal ones.

Add glue to the small side strip and close the other side over to form the box.

Round the top corners.

To form the bottom, fold in the two side flaps and adding Glue Dots to the other two close over and gently rub to secure ( You will need three Glue Dots on each flap for a secure hold).

Turn the box over and using your Bone Folder, rub the inside to help make sure that the Glue Dots stick.

The box can be opened by gently squeezing the top section in on either side.


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