Gift Card Holder

Hi everyone,

Here is a Gift Card  Holder that we made in my advanced class last night.

All the lady’s loved it. It’s held closed using magnets but you could use Hook and Loop dots if you liked.

We sell Hook and Loop Dots for $5.50. They are adhesive backed and are 1/4′ in size and there are 25 in the packet. They are on page 182 in the  Close to My Heart Annual Inspirations book 2014-2015.

Gift card holder 1 gift card holder 2

Here are the instructions and the video for this project.

Card stock: 7′ x 9-1/2′

Score on the Short side @ 1/2′ & 6-1/2′

Score on the long side @ 2-1/2′ & 6-3/4′

White Daisy insert: 5-1/2′ x 5-1/4′

Score on the 5-1/4′ side @ 1/2′ & 3-1/2′

Top Panel:  Matting 5-3/4′ x 2-1/4′     Paper 5-5/8′ x 2-1/8′

Bottom Panel: Matting 5-3/4′ x 2-1/2′  Paper 5-5/8′ x 2-3/8′

Square Closure: Matting 2-1/4′ x 2-1/4′  White Daisy 2′ x 2′

Two 1/2′ circles in matching card stock and two magnets 1mm x 8mm or about 5/16′ x 1/8′

You will also need Glue dots and glue or a strong adhesive.

I found the original idea  from Papercraft Button, I changed it a little bit so that it would fit into a Australian standard sized envelope.

The finished size is 6′ x 4-1/4′

I hope that you give this a go’

till next time, keep on creating 😉

PS. I almost forgot to tell you that magnets are very dangers to small children and animals so if this is a gift to someone small please use a different way to close it. Thank you 🙂





Making Fake Acetate

If you have run out of Acetate or Word Window Sheet but you have a Laminator you have all the fake Acetate that you will ever need.

My friend Alison Knight told me about this a while a go, so I thought that I would share her idea with you all. It’s not quite as stiff but it’s still pretty good.

this is all you have to do. Just run a sheet of laminate through the laminator, it’s that simple.


photo - Copy (2).

photo - Copy (3)

photo - Copy

All you need to do now is cut it up and use it in what ever project that you need it for.

Till next time, keep on creating 😉


Bumblebee punch art


Here is the little bumblebee.

I have used the same punch as for the Lady bug.  The Sullivans small oval punch 5/8’x 7/16′, it came from Lincraft


Punch out one small oval in Honey card stock for the body and using the 1/4′ circle hand held punch, punch out the head from Black card stock. Insert the small oval punch into the Black and punch out three small slivers. These will become the stripes on the bees body.


Add glue to the thin Black slivers and add to the body as shown.


Trim of the pieces that over hang the body (keeping one small piece for the stinger). then dauber around the edges with the matching ink.


Attach the stinger, the head and cut a small thin sliver of Black to make the feelers, and attach to the back of the head.


Using the small oval punch cut out two wings from a piece of Vellum, attach with some glue, then add a glue dot to a piece of laminate and add the bee, then attach to your card.

I love making punch art wether its with punches or die cuts or even shapes cut from the Cricut. I know that I will always have just what I need for a card or for my grandsons scrapbook pages.

Till next time, Keep on creating 😉




Lady bug Punch art


This is the little Lady bug that I made to go inside the card-in-a-box.  I placed one on a piece of laminate so that it looked like it was floating above the flowers and the other two went on to the flowers.


this is the little punch that I used. Its from Lincraft and its a Sullivans punch, it measures 5/8’x 7/16′ its really great for chook eggs or pirate noses or ears but I used it for the body and the wings.


When I made the first lady bug I hand drew the dots with a black pen but I received my order the next day and found this stamp set that I had ordered and thought that the centre of the flower would make great spots on the wings.


Stamp a small section of the Ruby then punch out with the small oval punch. Punch out a black one as well. Using a 1/4′ hand punch. Punch out a circle for the head in black. With a pare of scissors cut up the middle of the small oval but not all the way through, leave about 1/16′ attached.


Dauber around the edges with the matching ink and add glue as shown. Attach the wings to the body (making sure that you can see some of the body) and then attach the head.


Cut a very small slither of black card stock to make the feelers and glue to the back of the head. Using a glue dot attach to the laminate and then to the card.

If you don’t have a small oval you could always us a 1/2′ circle punch or if you have a Cricut you could cut one at 3/4′.

I use all small scrap pieces for this project.

Till next time, keep on creating 😉


a Card-in-a-box

IMG_2299 IMG_2300

This was the Card-in-a-box that I made for my sister to give to her friend.

The flowers are cut from the Art Philosophy Cartridge (page 50) and they are cut at 1- 3/4′. the colours are: Pixie, Gypsy, Canary, Crystal Blue, Pacifica, Cotton Candy and Crème Brulee (this one’s no longer available). The centres are a 1/2′ circle punch and are cut in  Honey. The flowers and the centres are all daubed around the edges using the matching ink.(ie;  Pixie card and Pixie ink)

The White Daisy panels are 2-3/4′ long x 2-5/8′ wide. I have cut 4 of these and run them through the “Dot” Embossing folder. When you place the panels onto the flaps make sure that they are going in the right direction. The flap measure 3′ long x 2-7/8′ wide.

The White Daisy panel for the outside back of the card measures 2-5/8’x 5-3/4′. This panel is for you to be able to write a message on the back of the card.

The actual card is from the Fundamentals Adventure Assortment and is the Cotton Candy one. The box card stock measures 12′ x 6′ and you score on the long side @ 2-7/8′, 5-3/4′, 8-5/8′ and 11-1/2′.  If you are using the CTMH score board you will need to turn the card to the other end and score @ 1/2′ and  3-3/8′.

Turn to the short side and score @ 3′.

The centre section is 3-7/8′ x 4-1/2′. Place the 3-7/8′ side onto the score board and score @ 1/2′ then flip to the other side and score @ 1/2′ as well. Place this piece into your trimmer on the 4-1/2′ side and cut at 1-1/2′ and 3′. This will give you 3 equal pieces.

If you watch my very 1st video you will see how to put the box together.

I usually cluster the flowers in groups of three (not in a straight line but as a kind of triangle so that the bottom one is the one that I stick to the insert). Then I add more flowers to give it volume in and around the centre. You can use as many flowers as you like and they can be any size as long as they do not go to far out side the boxes parameter because you need to fit it into an 6’x 6′ envelope.

The leaves are from a leaf punch and the Happy Birthday is a Die Cut that I have or you could cut one from the Cricut or even stamp your Birthday greeting before you emboss the square.

In my next post I will show you how I made the Ladybirds and the Bumblebee’s

Till them keep on creating 😉

Jumbo milk carton



Hi everyone

Sorry its been so long since my last post, but I had a bit of a fight with the computer and it won.

I made 5 videos on Mothers Day and when I came to put them on the computer, I pressed the wrong key and lost the lot.

I know it wasn’t the computers fault but I just had to blame something!!

Any way here is one of the videos that I had to remake, it’s a very large milk carton.

When I made it I was thinking that you could put a T-shirt in it or fill it with a big bag of lollies, anything you like really.

Here  are the measurements:

Card stock: 12′ x 12′

score on one side @ 2-7/8′, 5-3/4′, 8-5/8′ & 11-1/2′

or if you have a CTMH score board, score @ 2-7/8′, 5-3/4′ then turn to the other end and score @ 1/2′ & 3-3/8′

Turn 90 degrees and score @ 2′

Then flip the paper over and score the other end  @ 1/2′

flip back and using a ruler, place it at the 3-1/2′ mark on the score board and score the 2nd and 4th sections,  make a score line as shown in the video.



Gift Clutch Bag

I love this little clutch bag, and its so easy to make

I taught this in my class the other day and all the lady’s loved it.

I found the original on Paper Craft Button made by Elaine Jackson

I’ve changed the size a little so that you can make three bags out of one sheet of paper

It takes a full piece of card stock and just a few score lines to make it.

Now for the video and measurements.

Card stock:  12″ x 12″

Score on one side @ 1/2″ & 11-1/2″ flip card stock over and on the same side also score @ 4-3/4″ & 7-1/4″ ( or if you have a CTMH score board turn it around and score it at 4-3/4″ again)

turn the card 90 degrees and score @ 2-3/4″ & 9-1/4″

The B&T paper  6″ x 4″ cut 2

The closure 5-1/2″ x 2-1/2″

score @ 2-5/8″ & 3-1/8″

1″ punched glitter circle

Tools used: Trimmer, score board, 1″ circle punch, corner rounder, 3D foam tape and liquid glass .

I hope that you enjoy making this little bag.

Till next time, keep creating 😉