Gift Card Holder

Hi everyone,

Here is a Gift Card  Holder that we made in my advanced class last night.

All the lady’s loved it. It’s held closed using magnets but you could use Hook and Loop dots if you liked.

We sell Hook and Loop Dots for $5.50. They are adhesive backed and are 1/4′ in size and there are 25 in the packet. They are on page 182 in the  Close to My Heart Annual Inspirations book 2014-2015.

Gift card holder 1 gift card holder 2

Here are the instructions and the video for this project.

Card stock: 7′ x 9-1/2′

Score on the Short side @ 1/2′ & 6-1/2′

Score on the long side @ 2-1/2′ & 6-3/4′

White Daisy insert: 5-1/2′ x 5-1/4′

Score on the 5-1/4′ side @ 1/2′ & 3-1/2′

Top Panel:  Matting 5-3/4′ x 2-1/4′     Paper 5-5/8′ x 2-1/8′

Bottom Panel: Matting 5-3/4′ x 2-1/2′  Paper 5-5/8′ x 2-3/8′

Square Closure: Matting 2-1/4′ x 2-1/4′  White Daisy 2′ x 2′

Two 1/2′ circles in matching card stock and two magnets 1mm x 8mm or about 5/16′ x 1/8′

You will also need Glue dots and glue or a strong adhesive.

I found the original idea  from Papercraft Button, I changed it a little bit so that it would fit into a Australian standard sized envelope.

The finished size is 6′ x 4-1/4′

I hope that you give this a go’

till next time, keep on creating 😉

PS. I almost forgot to tell you that magnets are very dangers to small children and animals so if this is a gift to someone small please use a different way to close it. Thank you 🙂





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