Quilted card front

quilted card front 1

I just love the way that these cards turned out. I found the original on France Martins wed site, and I thought that it would make a great baby card.

This card is in Crystal Blue and White Daisy card stock,quilted card front 2while this one is in Pixie and White daisy card stock.

Here are the measurements and the video.

These are the measurements for the 6’x 4′ card:

Card stock:     4’x 12′        score @ 6′ on the long side.

Matting panel:  5-5/8′ x 3-5/8′.

Front panel for Quilting:  5-1/2′ x 3-1/2′

These are the measurements for the 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′ Card:

 Card stock: 8-1/2′ x 5-1/2′  score @ 4-1/4′ on long side

Matting Panel:  5-1/8′ x 3-7/8′

Front Panel for Quilting:  5′ x 3-3/4′


Baby clothes: cut  @ 2′ from the Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge Z3017

The words (It’s a Boy and It’s a Girl) are cut from the Artiste Cricut Cartridge Z1790

Here are the other bits and pieces that I used to make these cards:

Trimmer Z1783             CTMH Score Board Z1937

Crystal Blue Card Stock 1292      Pixie Card Stock X5773

White Daisy Card stock 1385

Crystal Ink Z2117       Pixie Ink Z2644

Bitty Sparkles Z1263  and Sponge Daubers Z726

quilted card front 3

This is the one for Sarah’s Baby Splash. (We called it that because she had a baby shower for Charlie and a baby sprinkle for Henry).

The colours in this card are Canary and Slate.

Instead of the baby clothes you could put stamped and fussy cut or die cut animals, like a baby lion or a giraffe or even an elephant, or maybe a teddy bear the choice is yours.

I hope that you like these cards and give this technique go.

So till next time, keep on creating 😉






Sprayed and Stamped Doodle Design Card

doodle card1

I made this card this afternoon and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Last month I went to a craft class held by my friend Bec and she showed us how to make this beautiful card, well her friend Sarah demonstrated it for us.

Since then I have made this card a number of times as I totally love the affect of the spraying and the stamping over the top.

I have tried to find the original on Pinterest but I was unable to find it.

Here are the measurements for both sized cards:

5-1/2’x 4-1/4′ card:

Card stock- 5-1/2′ x 8-1/2′  Score @ 4-1/4′

Matting panel: 5-1/4′ x 4′

Front panel: 5′ x 3-3/4′

Banner piece: 1/2′ x 3-5/8′


6′ x 4′ card:

Card stock- 6′ x 8′  Score @ 4′

Matting panel: 5-3/4′ x 3-3/4′

Front panel: 5-1/2 ‘ x 3-1/2′

Banner piece: 1/2′ x 3-3/8’

The stamp sets that I used are: A1170 Doodle Designs, CC1039 Taste of Summer, D1649 Blossom Card Making Workshop, C 1600 Happy Birds and D1560 Holiday Tags.

Card stock used White Daisy 1385, Lagoon X5762 and Ruby X5927

Ink used Lagoon Z2195, Ruby Z2170 and Pear Z2197

Re-inker used Lagoon Z2295 and Ruby Z2270.

At the moment till the end of July 2015, Close to My Heart have a great deal going on ,that if you buy $32.50 AUD of current, retail stamp sets you can get the stamp of the month ( Life is Wonderful) for free or you can add one hostess stamp set for only $6.50. This is truly a great offer, that I have already taken advantage of.

Here is the video.


I hope that you give this card a go even if you don’t have the same stamp sets that I have use.

Till next time, keep on creating 🙂

Rectangle Envelopes (second half)



Here is the second half of the envelopes video and measurements.


6’x4′ card:  cut paper @ 8-1/4’x 8-1/4′  Score on sides 1 & 3 @ 4-7/8′ and then score on sides 2 & 4 @  3-1/2′.


5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′ card: cut paper @ 8′ x 8′ Score on sides 1 & 3 @ 4-3/8′  and score on sides 2 & 4 @ 3-5/8′.

All of these measurements are for the Close to My Heart score Board .

Here is the video.

till next time, keep on creating 😉

Making Envelopes on a Close to My Heart Score Board


Some lovely lady’s that I go to craft workshops with asked me to show them how to make some envelopes on the Close to My Heart score board. So I went home and had a little play and came up with two types of envelopes that you can make.

I much prefer the second one ( the flap over as opposed to the ‘V’ back one) as its much easer to make, but the choice is yours 🙂


This one I call the V back.                        This one I call the flap over.

As usual I got a bit carried away and made a whole bunch of different sizes so that you would have a choice.

Here are the measurements for printer paper that measures 11-5/8’x 8-1/4′:

For square V back envelopes

Make sure that the guide arm is firmly in place before you place your paper  on the diagonal line.

2’x 2′ card: cut paper @ 4-1/4′ x 4-1/4′  score @ 2-1/8′ on all four sides.

3’x 3′ card: cut paper @ 5-1/4’x 5-1/4′   score @ 2-5/8′ on all four sides.

4’x 4′ card: cut paper @ 7’x 7′                 score @ 3-1/2′ on all four sides

5’x 5′ card: cut paper @ 8-1/8’x 8-1/8′   score @ 4′ on all four sides.

I have decided to make another little video on how to make the rectangle envelopes as I have realized that I didn’t show you how to score it because their are two different measurements for it.

Now for the flap over one:

Pull the arm on the score board all the way out for this envelope.

For square envelopes

2’x 2′ cards:  cut paper @ 5’x 3-3/4′ score on the long side 1-1/4′ & 3-1/2′, and score on the short side @ 3/4′ & 3′.

3’x 3′ card: cut paper @ 7-1/2’x 5-1/2′ score on long side @ 1-3/4′ & 5-1/4′ and score on the short side @ 1′ & 4-1/2′.

4’x 4′ card: cut paper @ 9-1/2’x 6-1/2′ score on the long side @ 2-1/4′ & 6- 3/4′ and score on the short side @ 1′ & 5-1/2′.

5’x 5′ card: cut paper @ 11’x 7-1/4′ Score on the long side @ 2-1/2′ then turn to the other end and score @ 3-1/4′. Score on the short side @ 1′ & 6-1/4′

For the rectangle envelopes

4-1/4’x 5-1/2′ card: cut paper @ 9-3/4’x 7-3/4′ score on the long side @ 2-1/4′ & 6-3/4′ and score on the short side @ 1′ & 6-3/4′

4’x 6′ card: cut paper @ 9’x 8-1/4′ Score on the long side @ 2-1/4′ @ 6-1/2′ and score on the short side @ 1′ then turn to the other end and score @ 1′

3’x 8′ car: cut paper @ 10-1/4’x 7-1/2′ for this one you score on the short side first @ 2′ & 5-1/2′ and score on the long side @ 1′ then turn to the other end and score @ 1′, this will give you a long thin envelope.

Here is the video.

So for Rhonda, Meg and Seleste I hope that you will be able to make your own envelopes now.

Oh by the way I say card in the video when I should have said envelope …..what a numpty head I can be sometimes.

I’ll just go and make the other video for you now,  so till next time

Keep on creating 🙂

Simple Pop-Up Card

simple pop-up card1

I taught this card in my advanced card class a couple of weeks ago and every one loved it!

If you have never made a pop-up card before then give this one a go 🙂

Here are the instructions and measurements that I printed out for my lady’s.


Daffodil Pop-Up card

Card stock:     6’x 8’         Score @ 4’

Pop-Up piece:   4’ x 3-1/4’

Score on the 3-1/4’ side @ 1/2′, 1’, 1-1/2’ & 2’

Front Matting:   5-3/4’ x 3-3/4’

Front panel:       5-5/8’ x 3-5/8’

Punch or cut out 5 flowers @ 1’ in size (I cut mine from the Art Philosophy cartridge, page 39 flower7 cut @1 and the centre is page 41 circle3 cut @1/2’)

Cut 3 strips of green card stock @ 1/8’ x 12’

Hand cut the leaves from green card stock or if you have a Cricut cut it from the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, page 69 cut the grass @ 2’

Cut 3 pieces of acetate @ 1/4′

  1. Using the scallop punch, punch the pop-up piece on the opposite end to the scoring (on the 4’ side)
  2. Add some glue to the 1st 1/2′ section(as shown)
  3. Fold over (as shown) so that it forms a square.
  4. Add Liquid Glass to the 1/8’ green strip and stick to the 1/4′ piece of acetate. (This forms the stems of the flowers)
  5. Glue the grass to the back of the pop-up piece. (as shown)
  6. Dauber around the flowers and the centres.
  7. Add the stems to the leaves (making sure that the tallest one is only 2-3/4’ tall and smaller.
  8. Add the flowers with Liquid Glass or glue dots.
  9. Add Liquid Glass to the bottom and side of the pop-up piece (as shown)
  10. Place into the middle of the card on the fold line and close the card shut. Rub to secure to the card. (as shown)
  11. Using the stamp set “A Little Note” A1171 stamp the Daffodil to the front panel on the left hand side, and the greeting from the stamp set C1607 “Someone Special” and on the inside   “ If friends were flowers I’d pick you” .
  12. Using the Blender Pen and ink colour in the flowers or you could use some markers or the watercolour pencils.
  13. Add the front panel to the matting panel and attach to the front of the card.

Colleen V               Independent Close To My Heart Consultant

A Collsey’s original card

I’m sorry for all the stops and starts but I needed to get this done quickly as they were turning the power off the other day.

I had an OMG moment just after filming and that was if you cut the 1/8′ piece on the fake acetate @ 2-3/4′ then you know that they will be the right length for your flowers.

And if you are hand cutting the grass/leaves they need to measure 2′ tall x 3-7/8′ long.

I hope that you give this card ago.

Till next time, keep on creating 😉