Christmas tree using post-it notes

xmas postit note 1I saw a card like this on Pinterest, I just loved the way that the rolling snow fields and pine trees seem to give the allusion of depth to the card.

My card is a bit different from the original (made by Loll Thompson) but I’m very pleased with the end result.

xmas postit note 2 The card on the right hand side has 5 layers and the card on the left has 7 layers of snow but only 6 layers of trees. I think that the 5 layer is better than the 6, but the choice is yours.

On the original she had inked up the sky and only put in 4 layers.

I’m giving you the notes as I wrote them up for my class, so here is the video and measurements.

    Christmas tree using post-it notes

White Daisy card stock: 12’ x 4’

Score @ 6’

A piece of card stock: 6’ x 3’

You will also need 6: 3’ x 3’ Post-it Notes, a sponge wedge, Glacier Ink, Topiary Ink ,Ruby Ink and the stamp sets “Always Grateful” and “Holiday Tags”

  1. On the long side of the card lay the post-it notes in 3/4′ on both sides (as shown in picture).
  2. Lay the other 2 post-it notes on the 6’ x 3’ piece of card and cut a wavy line across the top (this will form the snow banks when sponged).
  3. Take the post-it notes and set them aside (as they are the masking pieces)
  4. Lay the wavy card stock onto the card and using the sponge and Glacier ink, start from the top and gently sponge the ink across the wavy line.
  5. Move down, moving the wavy line to create a different seen, sponge again. Repeat this step 2 or 3 more times.
  6. Taking the post-it notes that you have cut into the wavy line, and following the wave line of the sponged section, place them onto the card so that they mask the white section.
  7. Take the Pine tree from the stamp set and using the Topiary ink, ink only the top section and stamp a small tree onto the snow bank (as seen in the pic.)
  8. Do this all the way down the card, making small random groups of trees, making them become larger as you come to the last snow bank.
  9. Use the “Merry Christmas” from the Holiday tag stamp set and using Ruby ink stamp the greeting on the bottom of the card.
  10. Peal the side post-it notes off to reveal the card.

Colleen V     Independent CTMH Consultant

Found a card like this on Pinterest by Loll Thompson.

I just wanted to share some very exciting news with you. We have a new arrival in the family!

Her name is “Evelyn Mae” and she was born on the 20th of August 2015. She weighs 6lb 5oz (2.96kg) and she is 48cm long.

IMG_0168What a little cutie she is, she is just so teeny tiny I love her to bits. XXXX


These are her two big brothers Charlie (holding her) and Henry and this is me. She was only 8 hours old (as she arrived at 1:24am) when I took the boys in to see their Mummy and Daddy and meet there new baby sister.

So I got to use the pink quilted, yeah!!!!!

I hope that you give it a go, it is a very ease, quick and simple card

Till next time, keep on creating 😉





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