Mini Milk Cartons and Carrier

mini milk carton 1

I made these last year and I thought that I would share them with you today.

I had them on display at our National Stamping Day last Saturday, in the New Pomegranate colour from the Paper Fundamentals  (Enchantments Z3126) and I was approached by a young lady and asked if I would show her how to make then, which we did and she was very happy with her creation.

They are rather cute and small and would make great party favourers. You could  fill them with Smarties or M & M’s or what ever you like.

.mini milk carton 3

They fit snuggly into their little carry box, which is very easy to make.

Here are the instructions and the video:

Mini milk Cartons

Card stock: 4′ x 6′ cut 2

score on long side @1-3/8′, 2-3/4′, 4-1/8′ & 5-1/2′

Score on short side @ 1-3/8′, 2-5/8′ & 3-5/8′

I used a 1′ punch but you could use a 3/4′ one or smaller.

the Acetate I use was made from the laminate sheets that I made earlier this year and were cut @

IMG_0284Here is the scoring and cutting guide for the milk carton .

Mini Milk Carton Carry Box

Card stock: 4-3/8′ x 3′

Score @ 3/4′ on all four sides.

Handles: 5′ x 1-3/8′ cut 2

Score @ 1-3/8′



Tools used: 1′ circle punch Z1999, Trimmer, Score board, Micro Glue Dots Z2089 and Bonding Memories Glue 1512

Gold Shimmer trim Z1985 and Pomegranate card stock X5780

I hope that you give this little project a go

Till next time. Keep on creating 😉




Wrap Around Box

wrap around box2 wrap around box3

This is a cute little box that I found on Crafty Caroline Creates.

I just love this box and I’ve made it many times. I have also made it in a small size to.

Here are the instruction, measurements and video

  Wrap Around Box

Card stock for the box base: 8-3/4’ x 11-1/2’

Score on all four sides @ 1’ & 2-3/4’

(The box has an extra fold over on the top to give it more strength)

Card stock for the wrap around cover: 6-3/4’ x 12’

If using a CTMH score board:

Score @ 2-7/8’ & 4-5/8’ then turn to the other end and score @ 2-1/4’ & 4’

If using a 12’ score board:

Score on long side @ 2-1/4’, 4’, 7-3/8’ & 9-1/8’

  1. Fold and burnish all the score lines on the box.
  2. Cut away the sections as shown in pic. 1
  3. Add adhesive to the sides and end sections as shown in pic.2
  4. Flip over and add adhesive to the small tabs as shown in pic 3
  5. Bring the side tabs up to meet the edge to form the box. Then stick down the extra fold over pieces, as shown in pic.4
  6. Fold and burnish the wrap around cover.
  7. Place the long side back on the score board making sure that the 2-7/8’ end is in the top left hand corner. Make a mark @ 1-1/2’ on both sides (this gives you a guide to cut from) then turn to the short side and make a mark at 2-1/2’.
  8. Place in your trimmer and using the marks, place one of the 1-1/2’ marks and the 2-1/2’ into the cutting channel and cut. Twist it slightly so that the other 1-1/2’ is now in the channel and cut, this should give you an off set point.
  9. Add adhesive to the bottom of the box as shown in pic.5 and very carefully place it in between the fold lines in the middle of the wrap around. There is about a 3/8’ over hang on either end.
  10. Add some magnet or hook and loop dots or some ribbon to keep it closed.
  11. Add some bling to finish.

Colleen V   Independent CTMH Consultant.

Box from Crafty Caroline Creates.

wrap around box1

The card stock is Cranberry 1272 and the new Fundamental paper the Cranberry one from the Adventure paper Z3125.

Tools used are the Trimmer, CTMH Score Board,

I’m a bit short on time at the moment, so I’ll put up the other size a bit later on for you.

We have a 10 hour workshop on Saturday for  National Stamping Month, at the Brighton Civic Centre from 10am to 8pm, I so totally love these days, as we have wonderful hand outs, tutorials, hands on projects as well as morning tea, Lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and sweets for only $50 early bird or $65 after the close off date. It’s such a great day with over 100 lady’s attending. So much fun to be had, especially in my corner when I add in a little bit more craft for some of the lady’s.

So till next time, keep on creating


Shadow Sponging with Septembers SOTM

IMG_0197This is a very simple card to make.

I have used three stamp sets and two inks to create this affect.

The back ground is made using one of the clouds from the Rain or Shine stamp set D1634 and the flowers are from the Stamp of The Month S1509 for September and the greeting is from the stamp set Sincere Expressions A1146

The inks used are: Crystal Blue Z2117 and Black Z2105.

The card stock used: Crystal Blue 1292, Black 1386 and White Daisy 1385. You will also need a Sponge Dauber Z726 in Black and a small piece of Sponge Z697 for the Crystal Blue ink.

Here are the measurements and the video:

6′ x 4′ card

White Daisy card stock: 4′ x 12′    Score @ 6′

Crystal Blue matting panel: 3-3/4′ x 5-3/4′

Black matting panel: 3-5/8′ x 5-5/8′

White Daisy front panel: 3-1/2′ x 5-1/2′


4-1/4′ x 5-1/2′ card

White Daisy Card Stock: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2     Score @ 4-1/4′

Crystal Blue matting panel: 4′ x 5-1/4′

Black matting panel: 3-7/8′ x 5-1/8′

White Daisy front panel: 3-3/4′ x 5′


You will also need a piece of card to stamp a row of clouds on : 2′ x 12′

and a piece to form the ground: 3′ x 6′  and tear along the long side.


These two cards are made the same way but just using one colour, one is in Slate and the other is in Honey.

I hope that you liked this simple card, and give it a go 🙂

So till next time, keep on creating 😉

Deanne’s bag, AKA Exploding Hand Bag

I’m sorry that I’m late with my post today,  as I was down visiting my new granddaughter. I love her to pieces and she is such a little cutiexxxx

Well now to get on with this post!

deanne's bag1A couple of weeks ago my friend Deanne taught this exploding hand bag in a consultant crop day. I was unable to attend as we had Sarah’s baby splash on the same day, but I really loved the look so I made one for my mother-in-law for her eighty something birthday and I filled it full of flowers.

I also made one for my niece who turned 21 last month and I filled hers with punch art make-up and a picture of her and her boyfriend as well as some keys and a card that looked like a pass port as well as some other bits and pieces.


I made Amy’s in Honey as yellow is her favourite colour. I also added some bling to the 21.

deanne's bag2

Here are the measurements and the video:

Bag body: 12′ x 12′

Score on all four sides @ 4′, also make a mark @ 6′ on two side opposite each other.

Using a ruler score from the intersecting lines to the 6′ mark to form a triangle in both these squares.

Using the ruler again and on each corner point to the intersecting line, score a line on all four.

I have used the beautiful new fundamental papers on page 109 of our Annual Inspiration book 2015/16, and the pack I used was Adventure Z3125 I also used Gypsy card stock X5757 and Black card stock 1386 I have also use Holly Hock 1246 and Honey X5668.

I also used the trimmer Z1783 and  CTMH score board Z1937.

I hope that you enjoyed this small project and give it a go.

Till next time, keep on creating 😉