Wrap Around Box

wrap around box2 wrap around box3

This is a cute little box that I found on Crafty Caroline Creates.

I just love this box and I’ve made it many times. I have also made it in a small size to.

Here are the instruction, measurements and video

  Wrap Around Box

Card stock for the box base: 8-3/4’ x 11-1/2’

Score on all four sides @ 1’ & 2-3/4’

(The box has an extra fold over on the top to give it more strength)

Card stock for the wrap around cover: 6-3/4’ x 12’

If using a CTMH score board:

Score @ 2-7/8’ & 4-5/8’ then turn to the other end and score @ 2-1/4’ & 4’

If using a 12’ score board:

Score on long side @ 2-1/4’, 4’, 7-3/8’ & 9-1/8’

  1. Fold and burnish all the score lines on the box.
  2. Cut away the sections as shown in pic. 1
  3. Add adhesive to the sides and end sections as shown in pic.2
  4. Flip over and add adhesive to the small tabs as shown in pic 3
  5. Bring the side tabs up to meet the edge to form the box. Then stick down the extra fold over pieces, as shown in pic.4
  6. Fold and burnish the wrap around cover.
  7. Place the long side back on the score board making sure that the 2-7/8’ end is in the top left hand corner. Make a mark @ 1-1/2’ on both sides (this gives you a guide to cut from) then turn to the short side and make a mark at 2-1/2’.
  8. Place in your trimmer and using the marks, place one of the 1-1/2’ marks and the 2-1/2’ into the cutting channel and cut. Twist it slightly so that the other 1-1/2’ is now in the channel and cut, this should give you an off set point.
  9. Add adhesive to the bottom of the box as shown in pic.5 and very carefully place it in between the fold lines in the middle of the wrap around. There is about a 3/8’ over hang on either end.
  10. Add some magnet or hook and loop dots or some ribbon to keep it closed.
  11. Add some bling to finish.

Colleen V   Independent CTMH Consultant.

Box from Crafty Caroline Creates.

wrap around box1

The card stock is Cranberry 1272 and the new Fundamental paper the Cranberry one from the Adventure paper Z3125.

Tools used are the Trimmer, CTMH Score Board,

I’m a bit short on time at the moment, so I’ll put up the other size a bit later on for you.

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So till next time, keep on creating



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