Mini Milk Cartons and Carrier

mini milk carton 1

I made these last year and I thought that I would share them with you today.

I had them on display at our National Stamping Day last Saturday, in the New Pomegranate colour from the Paper Fundamentals  (Enchantments Z3126) and I was approached by a young lady and asked if I would show her how to make then, which we did and she was very happy with her creation.

They are rather cute and small and would make great party favourers. You could  fill them with Smarties or M & M’s or what ever you like.

.mini milk carton 3

They fit snuggly into their little carry box, which is very easy to make.

Here are the instructions and the video:

Mini milk Cartons

Card stock: 4′ x 6′ cut 2

score on long side @1-3/8′, 2-3/4′, 4-1/8′ & 5-1/2′

Score on short side @ 1-3/8′, 2-5/8′ & 3-5/8′

I used a 1′ punch but you could use a 3/4′ one or smaller.

the Acetate I use was made from the laminate sheets that I made earlier this year and were cut @

IMG_0284Here is the scoring and cutting guide for the milk carton .

Mini Milk Carton Carry Box

Card stock: 4-3/8′ x 3′

Score @ 3/4′ on all four sides.

Handles: 5′ x 1-3/8′ cut 2

Score @ 1-3/8′



Tools used: 1′ circle punch Z1999, Trimmer, Score board, Micro Glue Dots Z2089 and Bonding Memories Glue 1512

Gold Shimmer trim Z1985 and Pomegranate card stock X5780

I hope that you give this little project a go

Till next time. Keep on creating 😉




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