Paper Bag


This is a quick and easy bag to make.

I have seen many different bags like this on Pinterest and most are made using the bag punch board, but you can see just how easy it is to make using your score board and a pair of scissors.

You could add a swing tag to the ribbon if you like.

Here are the measurements and the video:

Paper : 12′ x 11-1/2′

Score on the 11-1/2′ side @ 1/2′, 2′, and 6′. turn to the other end ( 180 degrees) and score @ 4′

Score on the 12′ side @ 1-1/2′. Turn to the other end (180 degrees) and score @ 1-1/2′

paper bag1

This is the Georgie B & T paper and


this is the White Pines B & T paper.

This is your last chance to get the stamp of the month ‘Twinkle’. there are many wonderful cards and pages made using this stamp set on FB and Pinterest.  Remember that if you spend $75Au you can have this stamp set for $7.50. What a great way to get a wonderful stamp set as well as all your crafting needs.

I hope that you give this paper Bag a go,

so, till next time.

Keep on creating 😉






Ombre Joy Card

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I missed last week, but I was away at our Close to My Heart Convention in Brisbane. OHHHH what a wonderful time I had with all the other consultants from all over Australia and New Zealand.  It was wonderful working with some of the new products that will be coming out in the new Seasonal Expressions 1, and I can’t wait for you to be just as excited as I am.

It was wonderful to see Jeanette Lynton again, as well as Monica, Brian H, Brian O and all the team from Close to My Heart, what a wonderful group of people they are.

Our next Convention is in Adelaide next year, so I can hardly wait as I have never been to South Australia before.

Now to get started on the card.

ombre card 3

I know that I have shown you the post-it notes before but I found this card on Pinterest and I was so inspired  that I just had to show it to you.

The good old post-it notes gives you a good clean sharp lines to work with, but remember to clean your hands after you sponge, as I did not and proceeded to get ink all over the front of my card (what a numpty head I am).


The little bit of card board to make the template was cut from the back of a writing pad and measures 2-1/4′ x 2-3/4′

Here are the measurements for the card:

6′ x 4′ card

White Daisy card stock: 12′ x 4′    score @ 6′

White Daisy front panel: 5-3/4′ x 3-3/4′

5-1/2′ ‘x 4-1/4

White Daisy card stock: 8-1/2′ x 5-1/2′

White Daisy front panel: 4′ x 5-1/4′

I have cut the J,Y and snowflake from the new Artistry cartridge and they are all cut at 1-1/4′

I have also used the new Sapphire ink and one of our sponges to create the Ombre look by going from dark to light as shown in the video.

Some of my lady’s at class yesterday suggested that you could use the Framework Alphabet and cut out around and add to the card and if you have a snowflake punch for the centre.

I hope that you like this card and give it a go.

So, till next time.

Keep on creating 😉


Hexagon self-closing box

hexagon 1

Here is a great little box that can be made in any height.

The tall one stands @ 8-3/8′ high and that’s using a 12′ x 11′ piece of care stock.

The shorter one stands @ 2-3/8′ high and that’s using a 6 ‘x  11′ piece of card stock.

It doesn’t matter what the height of your card stock is as long as the top section  always measures 1-5/8′ and the bottom section always measure 2′  but the circumference of the box will always be 3-1/8′, and that’s because it’s always cut @ 11′.

hexagon 2

This is how the top opens and closes.

Her are the measurements and the video for the small box;

Card stock: 6′ x 11′

Score on the 11′ side @ 1-3/4′, 3-1/2′ & 5-1/4′ Turn to the other end and score @ 1/2′, 2-1/4, & 4′

Score on the 6′ side ( making sure that the 1/2′ section is at the bottom) and score @ 2′ & 4-3/8′

Place the 1-5/8′ section back on the score board (so that the 1/2′ score is to the right hand side) and make a small mark in between each scored section.  Mark @ 7/8′, 22-5/8′, 4-3/8′ & 6-1/8′. Flip the card stock over (so that the 1/2′ section is now in the top corner of the score board) and make the mark          @ 1-3/8′  & 3-1/8′.

Paper size: 2-1/4′ x 1-5/8′ cut 6

Using a ruler and scoring tool, score a line between the mark and the intersecting line so that it forms a triangle in each 1-5/8′ section, as shown in the diagram.

hexagon 5then follow the instructions on the video.

Here is the measurements for the tall box:

card stock: 12′ x 11′

Place the 11′ side on the score board and score @ 1-3/4′, 3-1/2′, 5-1/4 then turn to the other end and score @ 1/2′, 2-1/4′ & 4′.

Then place the 12′ side on the score board (making sure that the 1/2′ score line is at the bottom of the score board) and score one end @ 2′ and turn to the other end and score @ 1-5/8′Place the 1-5/8′ section back on the score board ( with the 1/2′ side of to the right hand side) and make a mark in between each scored section @ 7/8′, 2-5/8′, 4-3/8′ & 6-1/8′. Flip the card stock over so that the 1/2′ section is now in the top corner of the score board and mark @ 1-3/8′ & 3-1/8′.

continue on the same as for the small box with the ruler.

Paper size : 8-1/4′ x 1-5/8′ cut 6

Here are the links to the papers and tools used to make this box:

Sangria Paper Pack, Trimmer, Score board, Bone Folder, Piercing & Embossing tool

I have learnt a few new tricks this week, thanks to Shelley Harwood . She is an absolute gem, and she is also my up-line.

I hope that you give this little box a go.

The original design came from Paper Craft Button, but I tweaked it a bit to fit our card stock.

So till next time

Keep on creating 😉

Baby Card

My daughter’s friend sent her a picture of a beautiful card that she would like to give to a friend for their baby’s christening, and so she asked if we could make this on for her. The original came from ‘I’m in Haven’ by Lisa A. So this is the one that I came up card2

It is so ease to make.

The stamp set is from the Georgie Scrapbooking Workshop G1102 and is and exclusive stamp that can only be purchased with this set.

In the kit you will find : 1 Georgie paper packet(containing 6 sheets of double-sided paper and 6 sheets of card stock X7203B), 1 Georgie Workshop stamp set, 3 sheets of card stock (1 Peacock, 1 Whisper, White Daisy), 1 packet of Georgie Assortments Z3092, 1 packet of Grey Enamel Gems Z3089 and 1 Instructional Brochure to help you complete 2 double pages with plenty of paper left for you to create a lot more pages, cards and off the page projects.


You can buy all these items separately  but you will not be able to have the stamp set.


Here are the measurements and the video :

6′ x 4′ card

White card stock: 12′ x 4′   score @ 6′

Front panel: 3-3/4′ x 5-3/4′  Cut a heart shape about 1′ from the top using a Die Cut ( I used the third largest counting from the outside in).

1 small piece of patterned paper to stamp the Onesie onto.

5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′ card

Card stock: 11′ x 4-1/4′    Score @ 5-1/2′

Front Panel 4′ x 5-1/4′

you will also need: 3D foam tape, heart-shaped Die Cuts, a small amount of twine, glue dots Z341, Whisper ink Z2172, your trimmer and score board.

Here are some pages that I made using the “Make It from Your Heart” books volume’s 1 & 2.


This one is for Evelyn’s Album, Volume 1 Pattern 8,


and this one is for Henry’s album, Volume 2, Pattern 4.

I hope that you like this card and if you can, give it a go as it’s really very easy.

So till next time. Keep on creating.