Double Flip Top Box

double Flip Top Box2

I just love this little box!

It’s easy to make, and you can make it in many different sizes.

I found the original on Crafty Caroline Creates, but I have changed the size a little bit so that I could make two box lids out of one sheet of Fundamentals paper.

The boxes in the picture are Sunset and Lagoon are from the  Adventure collection  and Black is from the Basic collection.

With the Sunset and Lagoon I have give then the same colour base in card stock, and the Black has a contrasting base of White Daisy.

Here are the instructions from my class and the video:

                 Double flip top box

Card stock for box base: 11’ x 8-1/4’

Score on all four sides @ 1-1/8’ & 2-1/2’

Fundamental papers for box lids: 12′ x 6’

Score on the 12′ side @ 3-1/2’ & 4-7/8’ then turn to the other end and repeat this score

score on the 6′ side @1-3/8’ & 4-5/8’ .

Then place the 12′ side in your trimmer @ 6′ and cut. This will give you the box lids.

  1. Fold and burnish all the score lines on the box base.
  2. Cut and notch the base as shown in the cutting guide down the bottom.
  3. Add glue to the small flaps and attach to the side sections to form the box.
  4. Add glue to the extra flap and fold over. This gives the box a sturdier top.
  5. Fold and burnish the score lines on the lid sections.
  6. Following the cutting guide down the bottom, cut the lid pieces.
  7. Place the side flap of the lid into your trimmer as shown in the pic and cut. Make sure that the front fold is on the 1/4’ mark and that the corner point on the other end is in the cutting channel.
  8. Add glue to the small triangle section and glue to the side sections as shown in pic.
  9. Add glue to the bottom tad.
  10. Gently place the lid onto one end of the box and fold the flap over and stick it to the bottom of the box as shown in pic. Repeat this step for the other end.

Colleen V             Independent CTMH Consultant

Box from Crafty Caroline Creates.

Double Flip top box4

Someone was a total numpty head and forgot to add this in so that you could see how to cut the lid

Sorry about that… I should have proof read better than I did, instead of nicking off down to Shelley’s to do some crafting. Oh well better late than never, haha.

The red lines are the cut out and cut away sections .

double flip top box5

double flip top box6Double Flip Top Box1

The dimensions of this box are 3-3/8′ wide x 6-3/16′ long x 1-3/8′ deep.

I hope that you give this little box a go.

I shall put up some more different sizes in the next couple of week.

So, till next time.

Keep on creating 😉



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