Small Double Flip Top Box Place Name

Hi , everyone 😉

What a time its been since my last post !!!

Well I better now ( I popped a disc in my back) and we also had our Big 12 hour workshop on the weekend. OMG what a great time we all had.

Food, crafting, food, demos, more food, more crafting, more demos, more food and then we all went home with lost of projects finished.


So here is a little box that can go onto the Christmas table with the person’s name on it and something special in side for them when they open it.

It’s the same as the double flip top box only its very little. The finished dimensions are  2′ x 3′ x 1′. It has a belly band to keep it closed or it will stay closed all by itself.

Here are the measurements and video:

Base: 5′ x 6′    Score @ 1/2′ and 1-1/2′ on all four sides.

Lid: 4′ x 6-1/2′   Score on the 6-1/2′ side @ 1/2′ ,1-1/2′, 5′ & 6′

Score on the 4′ side @ 1′ & 3′

Then place the 6-1/6′ side into your trimmer and cut @ 3-1/4′ ( this gives you the two sections of the lid.


The paper and card stock use are: White Pines Paper and Colonial White card stock and I also used Cranberry ink.

I hope that you liked this little box 🙂 And over the next week or so, I will show you a few more little boxes for your table.

So till next time.

Keep on creating.






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