Tall Snowflake Box

Hi everyone 🙂

Well it’s almost Christmas, but that’s just an excuse for making another box, as you can see.

This one I think is just lovely. I found it on Pinterest the other day and thought that you would all like this box too. It was made by  Linda @ “Papercraft with Crafty”

I made quite a few of these boxes before I settled on the size that I liked to hold my favourite Chocolates.

So here are the sizes for my box and the original as well as the video:

The measurements for my box are:

tall snowflake box2


6-5/8′ x 6′

Score on the 6′ side @ 1-3/8′, 2-3/4′, 4-1/8′ & 5-1/2′

Turn and score on the 6-5/8′ side @ 1-3/8′ & 5-5/8′


7′ x 5-1/2′

Score on the 5-1/2′ side @ 1-1/4′, 2-1/2′, 3-3/4′ & 5′

Turn and score the 7′ side @ 1-1/4′ & 6′

Card stock used: Cranberry and Black

Stamp set used: Reindeer Bells C1627 (Holidays)

Embossing Power: Princess Gold

Ink: VersaMark

tall snowflake box3

This is what the top of the box should look like when you cut it.

tall snowflake box4

And this what the bottom should look like when you cut it.

I’ve used a 1/8′ hole punch for the bottom where the ribbon goes through.

For the original box:

Tall snowflake box1


7′ x 8-1/4′

Score on the 7′ side @ 1-5/8′, 3-1/4′, 4-7/8′ & 6-1/2′

Turn to the 8-1/4′ side and score @ 1-5/8′ & 5-3/8′


6-1/2′ x 8-1/4′

Score on the 6-1/2′ side @ 1-1/2′, 3′, 4-1/2′ & 6′

Turn to the 8-1/4′ side and score @ 1-1/2′ & 5-1/4′

Card stock: Eggplant

Stamp set: Always Grateful C1559 (Seasons & Nature)

Embossing power: Silver

Ink: VersaMark

Well I hope that you like this little box and give it a go.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year for 2016.

Till next time,

Keep on creating 🙂




Long Chocolate Box


Here is along skinny box that holds 9 Lindt chocolate balls, that are just so yummy! Maybe I may have eaten 1 or 2 🙂 and now I have to buy another bag of then to finish off my Christmas gifts. Note to self DON’T EAT THE CHOCOLATE !!!!!

Here are the measurements and the video :

Card stock: 12′ x  6′

Score on the 6′ side @ 1-3/8′, 2-3/4′, 4-1/8′ & 5-1/2′

Turn to the 12′ side and score @ 1-3/4′ on both ends.




Long Choc box4

Here are the ones that I made for my Mum and Sisters 🙂

I hope that you like this box and give it a go.

So, till next time,

Keep on creating;)

Mini Bon Bon Place Name Boxes

Mini Bon Bon2

These mini Bon Bons hold three Lindt/Lindor balls each.

A couple of years ago I made about 35 for one of our family Christmas Eve dinners at my house. They looked lovely set up on the table with every ones name on them, and all of my family loved the extra little gift.

Mini Bon Bon3The ones that I have done today are in Cranberry, Pear and Colonial White and the paper is the B&T from the White Pines paper pack.

.  Mini Bon Bon4Here are the instructions and video:

Card stock: 5- 1/2’ x 6’,

4 pieces of White Pines cut @ 1′ x 2-3/4′


Randomly stamp all over the card stock (I have used the ‘Hand-lettered Christmas Holiday’ stamp M1127

Score on the 5-1/2’ side @ 1-1/4’, 2-1/2’, 3-3/4’ & 5’

Turn to the 6’ side and score @ 3/4’, 1-1/8’, 1-1/2’, 4-1/2’, 4-7/8’ & 5-1/4’

(A 12’ x 12’ piece of card stock will yield 4 boxes)

Baker’s twin or Poppy twine

  1. Fold and burnish all the score lines (as shown in pic).
  2. Make sure that you have a mountain-valley-mountain fold for both the ends. As this will make it easier to for them to pop in when you add the ribbon.
  3. Add glue to the 1/2′ section and fold over to form the box.
  4. Using your piercing tool and a ruler, make a mark @ 3/8’ on the middle score line (as shown).
  5. With the box folded flat, cut from the bottom score line to the point and then the top score line to the point, this will form the little triangles that make the ends pop in easier.
  6. Add ribbon to one end, and fill with goodies at the other end. Close this end off with ribbon and add a name badge to the top.


Colleen V           Independent CTMH consultant.

IMG_0455Bon Bon Box5IMG_0481

Here is the guide for the piercing and cutting.

I hope that you give these mini Bon Bons a go,

Till next time.

Keep on creating 😉