Box with Bow

Well hello everyone,

I finally managed to get this blog done at last, it’s been a trial in the making, not so much this video but the one that I wanted to share with you, it just wouldn’t film or come together for me but when I can I’ll show you how to make it.

So here is the box with the bow on the top made using the Gypsy paper from the Adventure Fundamental papers and Gypsy card stock.


The pink box is Made using the Pixie paper from the Whimsy Fundamental papers  and Pixie card stock.

Here are the measurements and the video:

Box Lid: 5-1/16 x 5-1/16

Score @ 1-1/2′ on all four sides.

Box Base: 8-1/2′ x 9′

Score on the 8-1/2′ side @ 2′, 4′,6′ and then turn to the other end and score @ 1/2′ 

Score on the 9′ side @ 2′

Here is the card that I wanted to share with you, as it uses the Balloon Animals, and seeing as these are no longer available after the 29th of February, I wonted a last chance to show you what you could do with this stamp set.


It’s called an Explosion card. I’ve made this one using the new Penelope Paper.

As soon as I can get this sorted I’m going to film this one to share with you.

So till then, keep on creating 😉


Scalloped Edged Card

Hi, everyone 🙂

As promised here is the last card for the Balloon Animals Stamp of the month.


This is the one that I made on the video.

The paper used is Penelope X7207B,

Pink Shimmer trim Z1986,

Stamp of the Month Balloon Animals S1602,

Card stock Thistle X5769, Honey X5668

Inks used Thistle Z2640, Honey Z2162

Scallop Boarder Punch Z1851

Sparkles Assortment Z1752

Here are the measurements and video:

White Daisy Card: 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′

Penelope Paper: 1-1/2′ x 5-1/2′

Penelope paper reverse side: 2-3/4′ x 5-1/2′

Thistle card stock: 4′ x 2-3/4′

Honey card stock: 2-3/4′ x 2-1/2′

2 pieces of Shimmer trim cut to 5-1/2′

and some bling to finish.


Like I said in the video ‘ this ones for Andy ”

I hope that you like this little card and give it a go

so till next time, keep on creating 😉

Stamp of the month: Balloon Animals

Hi, everyone 🙂

I just thought that I would show you some scrapbook pages and some cards that I have made using the Stamp of the month (SOTM).

Henry’s pages, I made up but the other page came from Bec Coad class on Saturday. Isn’t it just lovely! I’m going to keep this one for Evie’s 1st birthday as well as making a companion page to go with it.

The cards were just a bit of fun, so that I could show you what a versatile stamp set the Balloon animals are, and if you spend $75AU dollars you can claim this stamp for just $7.50AU dollars





Three of the cards are triple matted, you don’t have to do this but I just liked the affect that it gives.

I’m off to work now, but I’ll place the card measurements up for you tonight.

so till then, keep on creating 😉


I’m back 🙂

Here are the measurements for the three cards:

Card: 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′   (White Value Pack X254)

Card stock: 5-3/8′ x 4-1/8′  

Whisper  matting panel: 5-1/8′ x 3-7/8′

Paper panel: 5′ x 3-3/4′

Font panels:  Pixie or Canary card stock

Card stock matting panel: 3-7/8′ x 2-7/8′

Whisper matting panel: 3-5/8′ x 2-5/8′

White Daisy front panel: 3-1/2′ x 2-1/2′

 Front panel: Crystal Blue card stock

Card stock matting panel:  4-3/8′ x 2-7/8′

Whisper matting panel: 4-1/8′ x 2-5/8′

White Daisy front panel: 4′ x 2-1/2′

The card stock I have used: Canary X5772, Crystal Blue 1292 and Pixie X5773

Papers used: Penelope and Georgie

Stamp sets used: Balloon Animals S1602 and Georgie (Scrapbooking Workshop) D1675

Shimmer Trim Used: White Z3024 and Pink Z1986

Inks used: Whisper Z2172Cotton Candy Z2193, Canary Z2643 and Crystal Blue Z2117

Bling used:  Clear Sparkles Z1752

The reason that I add another stamp set into the mix was to show you that, you can use any stamps together to create the unique cards that will suit any occasion.

I’m going to do a video on the last card, so look out for it on Friday 🙂



Split Front Card

Hi, everyone 🙂

Well here is the last card that went with my advanced card class last month. I call it a Split Front Card.


It’s very easy to make and is a very striking card to give to someone.

I realized  after I made the video that forgot to give you the measurements for the card and all the pieces that go with it, that’s probable because I cut my finger on the trimmer blade (something that I have never done before) so that through me off, and made me have a total numpty moment.

So here are the measurements and the video:

Card stock: 10-3/4’ x 4-1/8’ White Daisy         Score @ 5-3/8’

Place the 4-1/8′ side  into your trimmer @ 1-5/8’  and cut down to the score line. Then remove this section so that you are left with just the bottom panel.


Back matting panel: 5-1/2’ x 4-1/4’ in Black (this panel goes onto the back of your card)

Front matting panel: 5-1/4’ x 2-3/8’ in Black

Front Paper Panel: 5-1/8’ x 2-1/4′

Colleen V         Independent CTMH Consultant

Here is the stamping layout for all the Springtime Wishes flowers that go onto all four cards.

I also used the Springtime Wishes Thin Cuts to cut all of then out with on my Big Shot.

stamped flower placement

Card stock used: White Daisy 1385, Cashmere X5932, Whisper X5929,        Sorbet X5751 and Slate X5930

Inks used: Black Z2105, Cashmere Z2175 and Sorbet Z2164

The White Daisy card stock is stamped in Black and Sorbet, the Cashmere card stock is stamped in Black and Cashmere, the Sorbet is stamped in Black and Sorbet, and both the Slate and Whisper are stamped in Slate ink.

When placing the flowers onto the front of the card, make sure that your adhesive is only on the bottom section (so that you do not stick the card together) and also make sure that the Black card stock (5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′) goes onto the back of the card.

I hope that you like this card as much as I do and give it a go.

So till next time’

keep on creating 😉


Three Cards for the Box with a Clear Lid

Hi everyone 🙂

here are the three cards that fit into the box with the clear lid.

Three cards1


These card are all made using the B&T paper from Charlotte paper range as well as Sorbet, Whisper and White Daisy card stock.

Inks used: Black Z2105, Cashmere Z2175, Slate Z2173 and Sorbet Z2164

Stamp set used: Joyful Birthday B1419 and Springtime Wishes C1641

Thin Cuts: Springtime Wishes Z3201

Here are the instructions and the video :


Card 1. My own design.

Card: 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′

Black matting panel: 5-3/8′ x 4-1/8′

Charlotte paper panel: 4′ x 3-1/4′

Whisper panel: 2′ x 4′

Sorbet strip: 4′ x 2/3′

Zip strip from the top of the paper: 4′ x 1/2′



Card 2. Make it from your heart vol. 2 pattern 19

Card: 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′

Charlotte paper (flower side): 5-1/2′ x 2-3/4′

Charlotte paper strip (arrow side): 5-1/2′ x 1/2′

Sorbet card stock: 5-1/2′ x 3/4′

Sorbet card stock matting panel: 3 x 2′

White Daisy front panel: 2-3/4′ x 1-3/4′

Scallop Boarder Punch



Card 3. Make it from your heart vol. 1 pattern 25

Card: 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′

Sorbet front panel: 5-1/4′ x 4′

Whisper matting panel: 4′ x 2-3/4′

Charlotte front panel: 3-3/4′ x 2-1/2′

White Daisy for the greeting: 3-1/2′ x 1′


I will be showing you how to make the Split Card tomorrow.

I hope that you give these cards a go,

so till next time,

keep on creating 😉

Box with Clear Lid

Hi everyone 🙂

box with clear lid1

I’ve just taught this box with a clear lid in my advanced card class. All the ladies loved it. They also made three cards with envelopes and a special card to go inside it.

I am going to show you how to put the cards together over the next couple of days.

One I made up, and two come from the ‘Make it from your heart’ vol. 1 and

vol. 2, and the special card I found on Pinterest.

Here are the instructions and video:

Box with Clear Lid

Sorbet base: 9-1/2’ x 8’

Score on all four sides @ 3/4’ & 1-3/4’

Acetate lid: 8-1/16’ x 6-9/16’ (these are the very smallest marks after the 8’ and 6-1/2’ marks).

Score on all four sides @ 1’ (you will have to repeat this a couple of times, as the acetate is stiff)

Here is the cutting guide:

Box with clear lid3

card stock: Sorbet

Ribbon:  Gold and Black ribbon

Glue Dots: Mini Glue Dots 3/16′, Micro Glue Dots 1/8′ and Glue Dots 3/8′.

Score Board and trimmer

I hope that you give this box a go, as it would make a lovely present for someone.

Oh and that was Henry on the video, he’s only 4 and when you have to go, you just have to go!

So till next time,

Keep on creating 😉