Box with Clear Lid

Hi everyone 🙂

box with clear lid1

I’ve just taught this box with a clear lid in my advanced card class. All the ladies loved it. They also made three cards with envelopes and a special card to go inside it.

I am going to show you how to put the cards together over the next couple of days.

One I made up, and two come from the ‘Make it from your heart’ vol. 1 and

vol. 2, and the special card I found on Pinterest.

Here are the instructions and video:

Box with Clear Lid

Sorbet base: 9-1/2’ x 8’

Score on all four sides @ 3/4’ & 1-3/4’

Acetate lid: 8-1/16’ x 6-9/16’ (these are the very smallest marks after the 8’ and 6-1/2’ marks).

Score on all four sides @ 1’ (you will have to repeat this a couple of times, as the acetate is stiff)

Here is the cutting guide:

Box with clear lid3

card stock: Sorbet

Ribbon:  Gold and Black ribbon

Glue Dots: Mini Glue Dots 3/16′, Micro Glue Dots 1/8′ and Glue Dots 3/8′.

Score Board and trimmer

I hope that you give this box a go, as it would make a lovely present for someone.

Oh and that was Henry on the video, he’s only 4 and when you have to go, you just have to go!

So till next time,

Keep on creating 😉






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