Box with Bow

Well hello everyone,

I finally managed to get this blog done at last, it’s been a trial in the making, not so much this video but the one that I wanted to share with you, it just wouldn’t film or come together for me but when I can I’ll show you how to make it.

So here is the box with the bow on the top made using the Gypsy paper from the Adventure Fundamental papers and Gypsy card stock.


The pink box is Made using the Pixie paper from the Whimsy Fundamental papers  and Pixie card stock.

Here are the measurements and the video:

Box Lid: 5-1/16 x 5-1/16

Score @ 1-1/2′ on all four sides.

Box Base: 8-1/2′ x 9′

Score on the 8-1/2′ side @ 2′, 4′,6′ and then turn to the other end and score @ 1/2′ 

Score on the 9′ side @ 2′

Here is the card that I wanted to share with you, as it uses the Balloon Animals, and seeing as these are no longer available after the 29th of February, I wonted a last chance to show you what you could do with this stamp set.


It’s called an Explosion card. I’ve made this one using the new Penelope Paper.

As soon as I can get this sorted I’m going to film this one to share with you.

So till then, keep on creating 😉


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