Treat Box for Boys

treat box for boys1


Here is a treat box for boys. Its made with a picture my life card on the front.

We made this one in my advanced card class last month.

I love using the Regatta paper for this project.

The boxes finished measurements are: 3-1/2′ x 2′ x 2-3/4′

Here are the measurements and the video:

Card stock: 11-1/2′ x 8′

Score on the 11-1/2′ side @ 3-1/2′ & 5-1/2′. Turn to the other end and score @ 1/2′ & 2-1/2′

Score on the 8′ side @ 2′, 4-3/4′ & 6-1/4′

Paper panel: 3-1/4′ x 2-5/8′

2 white circles cut @ 1′

2 Coloured 1/2′ circles from the card cut away from the top of the box.


Here is the cutting guide for the box.


Stamp sets used: Beach Days D1684, Pirate Birthday A1186 and My Anchor C1642

Card stock: Sapphire X5775, White Daisy 1385

Inks used: Ruby Z2170, Sapphire Z2648

Paper: Regatta Paper Pack X7206B 

Glue Dots 3/8′ (1 cm)

I hope that you like this little box and give ti a go,

so till next time, keep on creating 🙂



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