Corner Fold Card

Corner Fold Card1

I really love this card. Its looks so effective and it is very ease to make.

I found it on Pinterest, and thought that it would be a great card to share.

I’m sorry about the shaking on the video as I’m colouring in, and I also forgot to tell you that I use watercolour paper for the flowers as it can withstand a lot more water than our regular White Daisy card stock.

So here are the measurements, video and cutting guide:

Card: 5-1/2’ x 4-1/4’

Front Panels: 1st 2-1/2’ x 2-1/2’ White Daisy

2nd  2-3/4’ x 2-3/4’ Card Stock

Inside Panels: 1st 4-5/8′ x 3-3/8’ White Daisy

2nd 5-1/4’ x 4’ Card stock

Stamp sets: Hawaiian Hibiscus B1527 and Joyful Birthday B1419

  1. Open the Card and place into you trimmer on the 8-1/2’ side at the 3’
  2. Place the blade on the cutting arm @ 2-1/2’ and cut down to 4-7/8’
  3. Turn and place the card in on the 5-1/2’ side @ the 3’
  4. Place the blade @ the 5/8’ mark and cut down to 3’
  5. With the card facing you, flip the top corner toward you and press the side flat.
  6. Add some tape runner to the bottom of the square and attach to the card.
  7. Stamp the greeting at the bottom of the card.
  8. Attach the inside panels to the inside of the card.
  9. Attach the two squares to the front of the card.
  10. Using memento ink, stamp the flower and two leaves onto some  watercolour paper
  11. Using watercolour pencils, colour in the centre of the flower in a radiating out pattern from heavy to light. Do the same with the leaves, the darker green in the middle and the lighter green on the outer edges.
  12. Using the fin tip paint brush and water, gently draw the colour from the inside to the edge of the flower .and for the leaves, blend the two colours together.
  13. Colour the centre stamen in yellow and blend the pencil strokes.
  14. Fussy cut out the flower and leaves, and using 3D foam attach them to the front of the card.

Corner Fold Card cutting

Card stock: Poppy X5779, Sapphire X5775, White Daisy 1385

White Card stock: Water colour paper Z3146

Cards: White Value Pack X254 

Watercolor Pencils 3505, Paint brushes Z3188

Stamp sets: Hawaiian Hibiscus B1527, Joyful Birthday B1419

I hope that you like this card and give it a go 😉

So till next time.

Keep on creating 🙂


Birthday Treat Bag

Hi everyone 🙂

Here is a little bag that we made in last months advanced card class. The 1st bag was made using the Enchantment Fundamental papers Z3126 and Poppy card stock X5779 with the White and Gold ribbon Z3189.Birthday Treat Bag1

We used a Mothers Day stamp (but it’s no longer available) , but you could use any stamp for this bag, as you can see I have used the birthday greeting from the stamp of the month S1605 for this card..

Here are the measurements and video:


Card stock: 10’ x 7-3/4’

Score on the 10’ side @ 1-1/2’, 4-3/4’ & 6-1/4’ turn to the other end and score @ 1/2′

Score on the 7-3/4’ side @ 1-1/2’

Score a part line in the side panels, 3/4′ down to 3’ and 5-1/2 ’ down to the 3’ on the side measure on your score board (you can place a ruler across at the 3’ point so that you only score down to the ruler) as shown in diagram.

Paper for the front and back panels: 3’ x 6-1/2’ cut 2

You will also need an Oval punch about 1-1/2′ x 1-1/8′ or you could use a circle punch on the top instead.

Here are the paper and the stamp set for the ‘National Scrapbooking Month’ for the month of May only, the Happy Times Paper Pack ”  CC1063


and the stamp set ‘Happy Times’ CC10642016-05-20


Card stock: Canary X5772

Ribbon: White and Gold Ribbon Z3189

This month is the only time that you will be able to obtain this paper and stamp set, as it is for National Scrapbooking Month.

If you send $85Au you can receive this paper for free as well as qualifying for the stamp of the month ‘Celebrate with Cake’ S1605 for only $7.50 Au.

well I hope that you enjoyed this little project and give it a go.

So till next time.

Keep on creating 🙂

Panel Fold Card

Panel fold card1

Here is the Panel Fold Card that I found on France Martins YouTube channel, and I just loved the fantastic effect of this card, and that it’s not very hard to make.

Panel fold card2

On the one in the video I placed the ‘Best Friends’ stamp at the top of the panel, but then I realized that it was hidden under the front greeting. So I made a new card and placed it down the bottom between the two Flamingos, as shown in the picture.

This one is made using the New Calypso Paper and the Tickled Pink stamp set and Thin Cuts.

Panel fold card3Panel fold card4

This one is made using the New Florence Paper and the Bunch of Love stamp set and Thin Cuts, as well as some flowers cut from the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge.

Here are the measurements and the video:

Card stock: 11-1/4′ x 5-1/2′

Score on the 11-1/4′ side @ 1-1/2′, 3′ & 5-1/2‘. Turn to the other end and score @ 3-1/4′

Paper Panels: 1st – 5-1/4′ x 1-1/4′

2nd- 5-1/4′ x 2-1/4′

3rd- 5-1/4′ x 3′

Stamp set: Tickled Pink C1651

Thin cuts: Tickled Pink Z3228

Paper Pack: Calypso X7210B

Card stock: White Daisy 1385

Inks Used: Cotton Candy Z2193, Lagoon 2195, Black 2105

For the other card:

Card stock: White Daisy 1385

Paper Pack: Florence X7208B

Stamp set: A bunch of Love C1647

Thin Cuts: A bunch of Love Z3251

Inks used: Poppy Z2652, Saffron Z2651 and Black Memento ink Z899

ShinHan Markers, Daubers Z726  for 3 or Z1938 for 12, 

Flowers And Leaves: Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge– Daisy page 29 cut 2 @ 1-1/2′, Pansy page 50 cut 2 @ 1′, leaves page 43 cut 4 @ 2′ and circles page 21 cut 4 @ 1/2′.

I hope that you like this card and give it a go.

So till next time

Keep on creating 😉


Paper Coffee Cup

Here is the coffee cup that we made in my Advanced card class last month.

The original  idea came from Lorraine Rowland from Launceston . Hers had six side but I changed mine into eight sides to give it a more rounded effect.

Some of the lady,s in my class loved this cup and thought that it would make a great gift for someone at Christmas or birthday, filled with specialty Tea bags or coffee sachet or hot chocolate and  mini marshmallows.


Paper coffee cup1

The finished dimensions are – 2-1/2′ round and 4′ tall.

Here are the measurements and the video:

Card stock: 9′ x 6′

Score on the 9′ side @ 1′, 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, & 8′

Score on the 6′ side @ 1-1/2′ & 5-1/2′

Handle: cut 2 @ 6′ x 5/8′ Score on one end @ 1/2′ on both pieces.

Fundamental strip for handle: 6′ x 1/4′

Fundamental  Papers:  cut 8 @ 3-3/4′ x 3/4′

White Daisy Tag: Art Philosophy page 40, Tag2 cut @ 2′

A piece of twine.


Fundamental Paper:Adventure Z3125, Whimsy Z3127

Card stock: Cotton Candy X5760, Thistle X5769

Cricut Cartridge: Art Philosophy Z3171

Inks used: Cotton Candy Z2193, Thistle Z2640


I hope that you like this project and give it a go.

So till next time. Keep on creating 🙂




Curtain Fold Card

Here are some of the Curtain Fold Card made using the New Florence Paper and the New Calypso Paper.


I have also used the new “A Bunch of Love” stamp set and the Thin Cuts to match, and the ShinHan Markers to add some colour , as well as some Shimmer Trim and bling to finish off the cards.

Here are the Measurements and Video:

Card: Standard Card 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′

Paper Curtain Panel: 9-1/2′ x 2-3/4′

score on the 9-1/2′ side @ 2′, 2-1/2′, 3-1/2′, 4′, 5′, 5-1/2′ & 6-1/2′

Turn to the other end and score @ 1′, 1-1/2′ & 2-1/2′

Or if you have a 12′ scoreboard:

score @ 2′, 1/2′, 3-1/2′, 4′, 5′, 5-1/2′, 6-1/2′, 7, 8′ & 8-1/2′ 

Top Panel: 4-1/4′ x 2-3/4′

Shimmer trim: 4-1/4′

and a piece of White Daisy to stamp your image on.


With the 2′ side to your left. Make a mark on the right hand side @ 1′ as shown on the diagram. Also make a small mark on the 2′ score line at the bottom as shown.

Place into your trimmer so that the two pencil marks are in the cutting channel, and cut away this section.

With the 2′ section to the left, the 1st score line folds to the left and the 2nd folds to the right. Repeat this all the way across the paper.

Add a small amount of adhesive to all the 1/2′ folded sections to keep them in place. Attach to the front of the card under the top panel and add the shimmer trim over the top to hide the join.


Card: White Value Pack X254

Paper: Calypso X7210B, Florence X7208B

Card stock: Soffron X5778, Lagoon X5762, White Daisy 1385

Shimmer Trim: White Z3024, Teal Z1918

Stamp Set: A Bunch of Love C1647

Thin Cuts:  A Bunch of Love Z3251

Bling: Clear Sparkles Z1752, Bitty Sparkles Z1263

and ShinHan Markes

I hope that you like this card and give it a go,

so till next time, keep on creating 😉

New Book, Stamps, New Papers and New SOTM

     I am loving the new stamp of the month for May 2016.          



Here are some cards that I have teamed up with the Happy Times paper pack

Happy times1

Isn’t just gorgeous. Two of the papers are embossed in gold. It also come with a coordinating Stamp set too.

Happy times Paper CC1063

Happy Times Stamp Set CC1064 

This paper is for a limited time only! It’s only here till the 31st of May and can be purchased for AU$23  or if you purchase AU$85 in product this month from Close to My Heart you will receive this paper for free. What a bargain!!!!!!


Both of these card come from the “Make It from Your Heart”  Volume 2 Patterns 25 & 26. I love these books, they are an inspiration and guide to Scrap booking and Card making with all their wonderful patterns and layouts inside.

Card stock used: Crystal Blue 1292, Pomegranate X5780

Inks used: Crystal Blue Z2117, Honey Z2162, Pomegranate Z2653,Fern Z2650

I also used the ShinHan Markers to add some colour to the images.

I’m off to pick up my grandson now , so till next time

keep on creating 🙂