Curtain Fold Card

Here are some of the Curtain Fold Card made using the New Florence Paper and the New Calypso Paper.


I have also used the new “A Bunch of Love” stamp set and the Thin Cuts to match, and the ShinHan Markers to add some colour , as well as some Shimmer Trim and bling to finish off the cards.

Here are the Measurements and Video:

Card: Standard Card 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′

Paper Curtain Panel: 9-1/2′ x 2-3/4′

score on the 9-1/2′ side @ 2′, 2-1/2′, 3-1/2′, 4′, 5′, 5-1/2′ & 6-1/2′

Turn to the other end and score @ 1′, 1-1/2′ & 2-1/2′

Or if you have a 12′ scoreboard:

score @ 2′, 1/2′, 3-1/2′, 4′, 5′, 5-1/2′, 6-1/2′, 7, 8′ & 8-1/2′ 

Top Panel: 4-1/4′ x 2-3/4′

Shimmer trim: 4-1/4′

and a piece of White Daisy to stamp your image on.


With the 2′ side to your left. Make a mark on the right hand side @ 1′ as shown on the diagram. Also make a small mark on the 2′ score line at the bottom as shown.

Place into your trimmer so that the two pencil marks are in the cutting channel, and cut away this section.

With the 2′ section to the left, the 1st score line folds to the left and the 2nd folds to the right. Repeat this all the way across the paper.

Add a small amount of adhesive to all the 1/2′ folded sections to keep them in place. Attach to the front of the card under the top panel and add the shimmer trim over the top to hide the join.


Card: White Value Pack X254

Paper: Calypso X7210B, Florence X7208B

Card stock: Soffron X5778, Lagoon X5762, White Daisy 1385

Shimmer Trim: White Z3024, Teal Z1918

Stamp Set: A Bunch of Love C1647

Thin Cuts:  A Bunch of Love Z3251

Bling: Clear Sparkles Z1752, Bitty Sparkles Z1263

and ShinHan Markes

I hope that you like this card and give it a go,

so till next time, keep on creating 😉


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