Monster Double Diamond Card

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

I just love this card!!!


It,s so easy to make. Just a few score lines and it’s made.


I’m going to give this one to my grandson Henry for his 5th birthday.

Here are the measurements, instructions and video:

Card stock: 9’ x 4’ Lagoon

Score on the 9’ side @ 2’ & 7’

Score on the 4’ side @ 2’

Matting panel: 2-1/2’ x 2-1/2’ Lagoon

Front panel: 2-1/4’ x 2-1/4’ White Daisy

Small matting side panels: 1-3/4’ x 1-3/4’ cut 4 White Daisy

Small side panels: 1-1/2’ x 1-1/2’ cut 4 (1 each in Pansy, Lemon, Willow & Pacifica)

  1. On the 9’ side, from the 2’ score line. Make a mark @1-1/2’ as shown. Do this on both sides.
  2. From the middle score line and the 2’ score line. Make a mark @ 1/2′ on both ends.
  3. Taking a ruler and scoring tool. Line up the make from the outside 1-1/2’ edge to the 1/2′ mark and score a line. Repeat this step for all the marks, as shown.
  4. Fold and burnish all the score lines (taking care to fold the diagonal score lines back in the opposite direction)
  5. When folding the end pieces back. Hold the 2’ end pieces in your hands and gently push in and fold in half at the same time.
  6. Turn the White Daisy front panel into the diamond side and stamp the Happy Birthday in the middle using Lagoon ink.
  7. Attach to the Lagoon matting panel.
  8. On only the bottom section of the diamond, add adhesive and attach to the middle section of the card, as shown.
  9. Using a scrap piece of White Daisy. Stamp out the 4 little monsters (1 each in Pansy, Lemon, Willow & Pacifica).
  10. Run these through the Big Shot and attach to a different coloured square. Then place them onto the White Daisy matting squares.
  11. Attach these to the four 2’ sections.
  12. If you wish, you could use a Shimmer Brush and gently go over all the monsters, to add a little bit of bling to the card.

Scoring Diagram:


Products used:

Card stock: Lagoon X5762, White Daisy 1385, Pansy X5782, Willow X5784, Lemon X5785, Pacifica X5759

Inks used: Lagoon Z2895, Pansy Z2804, Willow Z2807, Lemon Z2808, Β  Β Β  Pacifica Z2892

Stamp set and Thin Cuts Used: Monstours Halloween Thin Cuts Bundle Z4006

I hope that you like this card. I found it on Pinterest made by Ann’s happy stampers.

So till next time,

Keep on creating πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Monster Double Diamond Card

  1. I have just found your website and I’m loving your cards! Thank you for this one, I’m a bit late with my wee nephew’s birthday card so hopefully this will put me back in to his good books πŸ™‚ xx


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