Faceted Box, Using Perfectly Pine Stamp Set

Hi everyone 🙂

Here is a great medium-sized box for you to try. It looks tricky but it really isn’t.

I found this one on Pinterest made by Ann’s Happy Stampers.

The ladies in my class couldn’t believe just how easy this box was to make and put together. As long as you remember to of set the top, you will always be able to put this box together no matter what size you cut it.


So here are the measurements, instructions and video:

Card stock: 6’ x 6’ in Fern X5777 card stock

 6’ x 6’in White Daisy 1385 card stock

Matting Panel: 2-3/8′ x 1-5/8 Ruby X5927 card stock

2-1/4′ x 1-1/2” White Daisy 1385 card stock

Stamp sets: Perfectly Pine A1191, Merry Christmas M1148

Ink: Fern Z2850, New England Ivy Z2835, Cocoa Z2814 & Ruby Z2870 

White and Gold Ribbon Z3189  7-1/2’ Piece

  1. Stamp the pine branch randomly onto the White Daisy in the Fern and New England Ivy ink.
  2. Then stamp the pine cone in Cocoa ink randomly on top of the pine branches.
  3. Place the square onto the score board, and score 1/2′ and make a mark @ 2-1/2’ & 3-1/2’. Do this on all four sides.
  4. Place square on the diagonal, so that the 2-1/2’ mark is in the channel of the score board and line up the 3-1/2’ mark on the next side and score.
  5. Turn to the next side and repeat this step. You should have a small triangle in the intersecting lines.
  6. Repeat this step on the other sides.
  7. Cut away the triangles and cut the corner sections on the diagonal as shown in the diagram.
  8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 on the base.
  9. On the lid ONLY cut away on one of the side edges as shown in the diagram. This becomes the front of the box.
  10. When putting the box together, you need to use glue or adhesive tape to hold the box together.
  11. Offset the top from the bottom as shown in the pictures.
  12. The last section of the box should be a green point into the white section that has the cutaway.
  13. Using the 1/8’ hole punch, punch a hole on the top point and also in the bottom green point so that the twine will keep the box closed.
  14. Fill with goodies for someone special this Christmas.

I hope that you like this box and give it a go,

so till next time,

keep on creating and bye for now 🙂


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