Advent Box No.4 Triangle Box

Hi everyone 🙂


So here is box No.4 of he advent boxes.

This is rather a cute little box and can be made in any size.

So here are the instructions, measurements and video:

Card stock: 4’ x 3’ Crystal Blue 1292

Score on the 4’ side @ 2’

1 piece of 9’ White & Gold Twine Z4014

1 Silver Glitter Z3239 small Snowflake using the new Snowflakes Thin Cuts Z4003

  1. Place the 3’ side on to your score board and make a mark @ 1-1/2’ on both ends.
  2. Using a ruler and a scoring tool. Place the ruler onto the mark at the top and down to the fold line to form a diagonal line on both side to form a triangle.
  3. Repeat this step on the other end.
  4. Fold and burnish all the score lines.
  5. Fold in the side sections and using a 1/8’ hole punch, punch out the holes (do one side at a time)
  6. Tie a knot into the top of the twine and thread through the holes, add the sweets. Then loop back on itself to close.
  7. Add the Snowflake to the front and the number to the back to finish


I hope that you like this little triangle box , the original came from Persephone’s Papercraft.

Till the next installment,

Keep on creating and bye for now 😉



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