Advent Box No.5: Triangle side Box

Hi everyone 🙂

Here is box No.5 for you. It’s a Triangle sided box that is very quick and easy to make.


So here are the instructions, measurements and video:

Card stock: 4’ x 3’ Sea Glass X5789

Score on the 4’ side @ 1’, 1-3/4′, 2-3/4’ & 3-1/2’

Make a mark on the top 4’ side @ 1-3/8’ & 3-1/8’

Score on the 3’ side @ 3/4′

Stamp set: Swirling Stars M1146

Ink: Juniper Ink Z2865

2 snowflakes in Silver Glitter paper Z3239, 1 No.5 in Gold Glitter paper Z3238

Twine: Gold and White Twine Z4014

  1. Using a ruler and a scoring tool. Score a line from the mark to the bottom score line corner so that it forms a triangle, as shown.
  2. Fold and burnish all the score lines.
  3. Add adhesive to the side 1/2’ section to form the box.
  4. Fold in the two side flaps and the back. Add adhesive to the front flap and fold up to form the base.
  5. Punch a 1/8’ hole into the top and add some twine.
  6. Add the snowflakes to the front and the number to the back.


The little marks at the top are 1-3/8 & 3-1/8. I have forgotten to write them on the cutting guide.

I think that this box style came from Pootles Papercraft.

I hope that you like this little box 🙂

So till next time

Keep on creating and bye for now 😉


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