Advent Box No.7: Pinched Side Triangle Box

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

Well here is box No.7 for you. I not sure of its name but I call it the Pinched Side Triangle box …though really it should be called a bag.


A couple of chocolate coins fit inside it…so that should keep my grandsons very happy, as they can share the surprise together.

So here are the measurements, instructions and video:

Card stock: 3’ x 4-1/2’ Glacier X5770

Score the 4-1/2’ side @ 1’, 2’, 3’ & 4’

Make a mark on the top edge @ 1-1/2’ & 3-1/2’

Score the 3’ side @ 1’

Stamp set: Woodland Wishes D1696Β Snowflake stamp

Ink: Lagoon Ink Z2895

Glitter paper: Silver Glitter Paper Z3239

Twine: White and Gold twine Z4014

  1. Using a ruler & scoring tool, make an X on the 2nd and 4th rectangles down to the bottom score line (as shown).
  2. Then rule a line from the top mark to the centre of the cross.
  3. Cut away the small rectangle on the bottom and cut up the other three score lines to form the bottom of the bag.
  4. Cut small wedges into flaps No. 1, 2 & 4. Leave No. 3 as this one is the front of the bag.
  5. Fold and burnish all the score lines. Fold the X out wards and the small half line in.
  6. Add adhesive to the 1/2′ side section and fold the other side over to form the bag.
  7. For the bottom: fold in the two side flaps and then the back flap. Add adhesive to the inside of the front flap and fold up to form the base of the bag.
  8. When the top of the bag is closed together the two side sections push in and the sides should look like long thin triangles.
  9. Punch a 1/8’ hole into the top and add some twine for hanging.
  10. Add the snowflake to the front and a No. to the back. Fill with lollies to finish.


here is the cutting and scoring guide for you. Cut away all the shaded in areas.

I found this one on Pinterest, but it was such a while a go I can’t remember who made it?

So till next time,

Keep on creating and bye for now πŸ˜‰



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