Large 5 Sided Bon-Bon

Hi everyone šŸ™‚

Well this is my second attempt to post this Bon-bon … here we go!!!

This is quite a nice sized Bon-bon as it can hold 4 Ferrero Rocher inside or possiblely 5 Lindt Balls.

It’s not to hard to make and would be a lovely gift for someone at Christmas time.


So here are the measurements, Instructions and video:

Card stock: 7ā€™ x 9-1/2ā€™ in White Daisy 1385

Score on the 7ā€™ side @ 1-1/4ā€™, 2-1/2ā€™, 3-3/4ā€™, 5ā€™ & 6-1/4ā€™

Score on the 9-1/2ā€™ side @ 1ā€™, 1-5/8ā€™, 2-1/4ā€™, 7-1/4ā€™, 7-7/8ā€™ & 8-1/2ā€™

Paper: 4-3/4ā€™ x 1ā€™ cut 5 in Oh Deer! Paper X7214B

Ribbon: cut 2 @ 12ā€™Ā White and Gold Z3189

Foil: Gold Foil Tape Z3129

Cut one medium Snow flake from Gold Glitter paper Z3238

  1. Taking the measurement guide. Place the edge with the 1/4′ markings onto the second score line on the 7ā€™ side as shown in the cutting diagram, and mark in the 1/4′ section that form the ends of the Bon-Bon.
  2. Burnish and fold all the score lines. On the 7ā€™ ends the middle score line folds in and the two score lines on either side fold out (M, V, M, fold).
  3. Fold one section of the Bon-Bon on the 9-1/2ā€™ side. Cut from the 1ā€™ score line to the mark in the second score line and then from the 2-1/4ā€™ score line to the mark so that when you open it up it will form a small diamond shape, as shown in the cutting diagram.
  4. Attach the paper to the middle sections.
  5. Attach Gold Foil to both the ends as shown in picture.
  6. Add adhesive to the 3/4′ side section and fold the other side over to form the Bon-Bon.
  7. Tie a knot on both ends of the twine and tie one around the end of the Bon-Bon.
  8. Fill the other end with goodies, then tie of this end.
  9. Attach the Snowflake using tape runner to finish.


Here is the cutting guide.


and here is the placement guide for the Bon-bon ends.

I hope that you give this Bon-bon a go, and make someone feel really special this Christmas.

So till next time

Keep on creating and bye for now šŸ™‚



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