Small Triangle Box for 2 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with all your family and friends.

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a while, as the lead up to Christmas was a bit hectic. As it was my turn to cook Christmas dinner this year. All of my family came, that was 28 of us altogether and we had a fantastic time.

Well that’s enough about my family and Christmas. So lets get on with this weeks project.


This is a small Triangle box that can hold 2 Ferrero Rocher chocolates.


Here are the measurements, instructions, cutting guide and video:


Card stock: 7-1/2’ x 6-3/4’ Sea Glass X5789Β Blossom X5787

Score on the 7-1/2’ side @ 2-1/4’, 4-1/2’ & 6-3/4’

Make a mark on the 7-1/2’ side (make sure that the 3/4′ section is on the right hand side) @ 1-1/8’, 3-3/8’ & 5-5/8’. Do the on both side as this will form the triangles.

Score on the 6-3/4’ side @ 2’ & 4-3/4’

Belly Band: 1’ x 7-3/4’ in Sugar Rush X7215B

Stamp set and Thin Cuts: Sugar Rush Cardmaking Bundle Z3300,

Basic Circles Z3318

Inks: Sea Glass Z2813, Juniper Z2165, Blossom Z2810 & Pomegranate Z2653

Ruler Z1471, Thumb notch punch Z3131, Piercing and Embossing tool Z2046

  1. Using a ruler and scoring tool. Score a line from the small marks on the Β  7-1/2’ side to the intersecting score lines to form the triangles, as shown on the cutting guide.
  2. Using scissors, follow the cutting guide and cut down the score line made with the ruler and the scoring tool.
  3. Fold and burnish all the score lines.
  4. Using the thumb Notch punch, punch out a small notch on the bottom edge as shown in the cutting guide.
  5. Place glue onto the two last triangles (on the opposite end to the 3/4’ section).
  6. Fold these triangles up and secure them to the middle triangles.
  7. Close the box up and wrap the belly band around the three sides pinching the edges as you fold it around.
  8. Remove the band and burnish the score lines.
  9. Add glue to thee ends and wrap back around and secure the ends together (do not make it to tight, as this will need to slip on and off easily).
  10. Stamp the scallop donut icing onto a piece of white scrap card stock in the darker ink first , then stamp the lighter colour ink over the top using the solid icing stamp.
  11. Stamp the greeting onto the same piece of card and using the thin cut to match, cut out the two shapes.
  12. Cut out a 1-1/2’ circle using the new circle thin cuts in Silver glitter paper.
  13. Attach the Donut top to the silver glitter circle using 3D foam, and attach to the belly band.
  14. Place the greeting on the top to finish.


Cut away all the sections coloured in green.

Here is the other size made in Fern card stock and the new Hello Lovely paper and thin cut/ stamp set.


Well I hope that you enjoy making this little box and giving it to someone special.

till next time.

keep on creating and bye for now πŸ™‚

colleen vaux



2 thoughts on “Small Triangle Box for 2 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

  1. These are very cute. I will have to give them a go. They are just perfect size to give a small treat to co-workers who I often make things for. Thanks for sharing.


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