Tall Easter Box with 3 Cadbury Eggs

Hi everyone 🙂

Here are the tall Easter Boxes, using the Easter Bunny Stamp of the Month S1702.tall-easter-box1

I just love the end results of this box and I hope that you do too.

Here are the measurements, instructions ans video:

Card stock: 10′ x 6-1/2′

score on the 6-1/2′ side  @ 1-1/2′, 3′, 4-1/2′ & 6′

Score on the 10′ side @ 1/2′, 1-1/2′ & 8-3/4′

Turn back to the top, and on the 2 & 4 panels score @ 2-1/4′ & 5-1/4′ down to the 1/2′ score line. Using a ruler and scoring tool to make, score from the mark to the intersecting score lines to form a triangle onto panels 2 & 4.

Cut out 3: 1-1/2′ circles from the Basic Circle Thin Cut.

Page protector: 2′ x 6-3/4′

Extra white card stock for the bunny: 3′ x 2′

  1. Make a mark with a pencil onto the score line 3 @ 2-1/8′, 4-3/8′ & 6-5/8′.
  2. Fold the circles in half.
  3. Place the 3 circles onto the front of the box, on to panels 3 & 4 so that you just cover over the pencil marks, make sure that the fold line matches the score line.
  4. Fold the 1/2′ side piece in (on the 6-1/2′ side) and lay onto the Big Shot platform. Place the circle thin cut over one of the circle to lock it in place and run it through the Big Shot.
  5.  Repeat this step on the next two circles.
  6. Onto the bottom score of the box, stamp the grass and then the flowers.
  7. Use some ShinHan markers to colour in the flowers and leaves.
  8. Using the 3/8′ glue dots. Place 4 of them onto the inside of the box between the circle, as shown in cutting diagram.
  9. Place 4 glue dots onto the four corners of the page protector piece, and place over the top of the three circles and glue dots.
  10. Fold and burnish all the score lines and gently pinch the small triangles.
  11. Cut up all the score lines to the bottom score line and cut away the small rectangle.
  12. Add glue to the 1/2′ side section and fold over to form the box.
  13. Fold in the two side flaps on the bottom, then the back and add glue to the front flap and fold up to form the bottom of the box.
  14. Place the three Easter eggs inside the box and close the top into the milk carton shape.
  15. Punch two 1/8′ holes into the top and thread some ribbon through and tie into a knot and set aside for the tag.
  16. Taking the tag, stamp the Happy Easter onto the front and add three pieces of bling to finish.
  17. Thread onto the ribbon and tie into a bow.
  18. Stamp out the bunny onto a piece of card stock and colour in with the ShinHan markers. Cut out around the bunny and using 3D foam tape, attach it to the front of the box.


Here is the cutting guide for the box.


Products used:

Card stock: Crystal Blue 1292

Page protector: 4110

Stamp of the month: Easter Bunny S1702

Basic Circles Thin Cuts Z3318

Inks: Willow Z2807, Archival Black Z3271

Bling: Sugar Rush Z3310

Ribbon: Whimsy Z3287, Uptown Z3289

I hope that you give these boxes a go for the little people in your lives. as these are made for mine. Charlies is the green one, Henry’s is the blue, Evie’s  is the purple and Bonnie’s is yellow.

I’ve used the ShinHan marker to colour in the Easter Bunnies.

So till Next time.
Keep on creating and bye for now 🙂

Colleen V



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