Lindt Easter Egg Box

Hi everyone 🙂

This is a little gift for all the ladies that come to my advanced card class once a month, and seeing as its almost Easter I thought that I would share it with  you.

This would make a great little gift to place onto the table on Easter Sunday for your family and friends.

So here are the measurements, instructions and video:

Box base: 8-7/8’ x 2-7/8’ in card stock, Cranberry 1272 or Sapphire X5775

Score on all four sides @ 1/2’ and 1-1/8’


Clear lid: 7-7/8’ x 1-7/8’ in

Score on all four sides @ 5/8’


Banner piece: 5/8’ x 2-7/8’ in White Daisy 1385

And a small extra piece for the hearts

Twine: 18’ long Gold & White Z4014

Inks: Sapphire Z2848, Cranberry Z2816

Stamp set: Happy Heart A1192

  1. Burnish and fold all the score lines on the base.
  2. Follow the cutting guide to form the base and the lid.
  3. For the base- Fold the two tiny ends in.
  4. Add adhesive to the small end flaps.
  5. Add adhesive two the long 1/2′ side sections.
  6. Fold the small flaps in and bring the side sections up to form the box.
  7. Fold over the top sections to seal over the small flaps.
  8. For the lid- fold the score lines on the lid and then cut all the small squares away (making small notches on the sides and the flap sections.
  9. Place 6 eggs into the box and place the clear lid over top so that it fits inside the box base.
  10. Stamp the sentiment on to the banner piece, and then dove tail the right hand end.
  11. Stamp the two hearts onto the extra piece of white (1st stamp the larger heart in cranberry ink and then the small heart in Sapphire ink so that it over laps the red heart).
  12. Cut out around the hearts and using 3D foam tape, attach to the left hand end.
  13. Place the banner on the left hand top side of the box and then wrap the twine around 3 times near the hearts, and tie into a bow to finish.

here is the cutting guide:

Please cut away all the darker blue sections.

I hope that you like this little box and give it a go.

So till next time.

Keep on creating and bye for now 🙂

Colleen V


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