Triangle Box with Wrap Around

Hi everyone:)

I found this wonderful little box on Pootles site, and I thought that it would look wonderful made up in Fundamental Whimsy paper Z3255, so I made one up and I was very pleased with the result.

The Birthday sentiment comes from the “Sweet Birthday” stamp set CC1220 .

The colour that I have chosen for this box is Sweet Leaf X5639, along with some White Glitter paper Z3237 and White Daisy Card Stock 1385 as well as the Thin Cut- Basic Ovals Z3328, Xlarge (2-1/2′) and Large (2′), and a little bit of bling to finish, Clear Sparkles Z3274.

This is the one that I made for the video, using the Live Beautifully CC1212B specialty gold embossed floral paper, White Daisy Card Stock 1385Gold Glitter Paper Z3238 and Gold Glitter Gems Z3312

For the next couple of days this paper is still available, but it finishes on the 31st of May, so if you would like to purchase some find a consultant in your area to place an order.

Here are the measurements, instructions and video:

Triangle Box with Wrap Around

Box: 11-1/2’ x 6’

Score on the 11-1/2’ side @ 3-1/2’, 5-1/2’, 9’ & 11’

Make a mark on the 11-1/2’ side @ 4-1/2’ & 10’

Score on the 6’ side @ 1-3/4’

Wrap around paper: 12’ x 3-1/2’

Score on the 12’ side @ 1-3/4’

White Glitter paper: 2’ x 2-1/4’

White Daisy card stock: 1-3/4’ x 2-1/4’

Oval Thin Cuts: 2’ & 2-1/2’

Stamp set: Sweet Birthday

  1. Score two lines from the mark to the intersecting score lines to form a triangle on the side sections of the box, as shown in the diagram on the below.
  2. Cut away the small rectangle at the bottom of the box, and cut up the all the score lines to form the bottom flaps.
  3. Burnish all the score lines as well as the two side triangles..
  4. Add adhesive to the 1/2′ side flap and fold over to form the box.
  5. Fold the two side flaps in on the bottom, then the back. Add adhesive to the front flap and fold up to form the box base.
  6. Push the side section of the box in to form the triangle top.
  7. Taking the wrap around piece. Fold the 1-3/4’ edge at the bottom of the box and pinching the top together gently wrap the paper over and down the side to the bottom edge and gently pinch the edge to form the triangle shape.
  8. Using a bone folder. Gently burnish the folded lines, and place back onto the box.
  9. Add adhesive to one of the ends and fold over onto the other end (make sure that you do not stick it to the box as the wrap around needs to be able to slip on and off the box with ease).
  10. Cut the 2-1/2’ oval from the White Glitter paper and the 2’ from the White Daisy piece.
  11. Stamp the “Have a sweet Birthday” in the same colour ink as the paper and dauber around the edge in the same colour.
  12. Attach the 2’ oval to the glitter oval with 3D foam tape.
  13. Attach to the front of the box in the middle and add some bling to finish.

Here is the scoring and cutting guide:

I hope that you like this little box with its pretty paper.

So till next time,

keep on creating and bye for now 🙂

Colleen V




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