Sloping Bear Card using Jack Paper

Hi everyone 🙂

I’m sorry its been so long since my last post, but sometimes life just seems to get in the way.

Here is a cute little card using the Jack B&T paper X7222B , Silver Glitter paper Z3239, Black 1386, Whisper X5929, Sweet Leaf X5639, White Daisy 1385 & Ruby X5927 card stock.

Stamp set and Thin Cut: Jack (card making) C1678

I have used the ShinHan Markers to colour in the Clear Sparkles Z3274 to match the coloured card stock.

So here are the measurements, instructions and video:

Taking a 12′ x 12′ piece of Black card stock, place this into your trimmer @ 4′ and cut. Place the 4′ x 12′ piece back into your trimmer on the 12′ side @ 11′ and cut. Score this piece on the 11′ side @ 5-1/2′. Card 1

Place the 8′ x 12′ piece in to your trimmer on the 12′ side @ 5-1/2′ and cut. push the next piece in to the 5-1/2′ mark and cut. Taking one piece and placing into your trimmer on the 8′ side score @ 4′. Repeat this step on the other piece to give you 2 cards. Cards 2 & 3

Jack paper: 4′ x 4′

Jack paper: 2-5/8′ x 2′

Black card stock: 3-1/4′ x 2′

Coloured card stock: 3-3/4′ x 2-1/2′

White Daisy card stock: 3-3/4′ x 5-1/4′

Whisper card stock for stamping the bear: 2′ x 3′

White Daisy card stock inside panel: 3/4′ x 3′

Silver Glitter Paper: 1/4′ x 12′

Clear Sparkles: 3 Plus a ShinHan marker to match the colour of your card stock.

  1. Fold and burnish the card.
  2. Place one of the 4′ side into your trimmer @ 3′ and make a mark.Twist this down so that the mark is in the groove and the point on the other side is lined up in the groove as well and cut this small triangle away.
  3. Adhere this to the bottom of the card, as shown in the picture.
  4. Adhere the Silver Glitter strip across the slope and cut to fit.
  5. Taking the smaller piece of Jack paper. Place it into your trimmer on the 2-5/8′ side @ 2-1/8′ mark, and make a mark at this point.Twist this down so that the mark is in the groove and the point on the other side is lined up in the groove as well and cut this small triangle away.
  6. Adhere this piece to the small Black panel and add the Silver Glitter strip across the slope. Cut to fit this piece.
  7. Adhere this panel to the coloured card stock, and attach to the front of the card with 3D foam tape so that the Glitter paper lines up with the card glitter paper.
  8. Stamp the Bear onto the W.hisper card stock in Slate ink, and cut out with the thin cut to match. On a scrap piece left over stamp the bears muzzle again, and fussy cut out around it.  Adhere this to the bears face with 3D foam tape.
  9.   Stamp the banner onto the White Daisy card stock in Slate ink’ Colour in the bear paws with Whisper ink, using a Blending Pen.
  10. Attach the Bear and the Banner with 3D foam tape to the front panel.
  11. Colour in the 3 Clear Sparkle, in the same colour as the paper and attach them to the top right hand corner of the card.
  12. Place the White Daisy panel on the inside of the card to finish.

I hope that you like this card, so till next time.

Keep on creating and bye for now 🙂


No Worries Card with a Splash of Colour

Hi everyone 🙂

The paper we are working on this month is the No Worries paper X7220B, along with the No Worries stamp set and thin cuts Z3336 for Scrapbooking.


So here is my version of the card made by Jennifer Smith, and here is the link to here site if you would like to see the original,

Here are the measurements, instructions and video:

 Value Pack X254 Card: 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′

Black 1386 Matting: 5-1/4′ x 4′

White Daisy 1358 front panels: 5′ x 3-3/4′ cut 2

Basic Circle Thin Cuts Z3318: 2-1/2′ & 1′ circles

3 Daubers Z1938 or 3 pieces of a sponge Z697

Inks used: Willow Z2807, Saffron Z2851, Lagoon Z2895 & Black Z2805

  1. Taking one of the white Daisy pieces. Place the 2-1/2′ circle onto the bottom right hand corner and the  1′ circle onto the left hand top corner of the front panel (as shown) and run through your big shot or cuttle bug.
  2. Place this panel over the top of the other White Daisy panel and using a dauber and  Willow  ink, gently rub the colour across the bottom section of the circle cut away.
  3. Repeat this step with the Saffron and Lagoon ink as well.
  4. Add some Saffron and Lagoon ink to the 1′ circle cut away, as well.
  5. Remove the top panel and using Black ink, stamp the Palm tree onto the larger coloured circle.
  6. stamp the waves on, so that its just blends in with the trees, as shown in the picture.
  7. Stamp the birds onto the 1′ coloured circle and also stamp a birthday sentiment on as well, as shown in picture.
  8. Adhere this panel to the Black matting panel.
  9. Using a ruler and journaling pen. Rule a 1/8′ boarder on the 4 sides of the white panel, as shown in the picture.
  10. Adhere to the front of the card.

I hope you liked my version of Jennifer’s card, and give it a go.

So till next time,

keep on creating and bye for now 🙂

Colleen V