Little Dreamer 1/4′ Strip Background Panel

Hi everyone 🙂

This weeks card is a colourful  little one, using Tangerine, Raspberry, Lagoon Willow and Lemon card stock to make the stripes. They are all cut @ 1/4′ x 12′ and you need to cut 2 of each colour.

Here are the measurements, instructions and video:

White Card: 5-1/2’ x 4-1/4’

Lagoon matting: 5’ x 3-3/4’

White panel for the stripes: 4-3/4’ x 3-1/2’

10 coloured strips: 1/4′ x 12’ cut 2 each of Tangerine, Lemon, Lagoon, Willow & Raspberry

Sentiment Matting: 2’ x 2-1/2’

White sentiment panel: 1-3/4’ x 2-1/4’

Stamp set: Little Dreamer- card making workshop and thin cuts to match.

  1. Place adhesive all over the white panel for the stripes.
  2. Place the one corner of the 4-3/4’ side of the panel onto your Versa mat, where the diagonal line runs across the mat (as shown in picture).
  3. Lay the 1st strip onto the corner and follow the line down.
  4. Place the next strip up against the 1st strip, but make sure that the top of the strip just covers the edge of the card stock. Once you have layed all 5 strips down, trim of the excess off with your scissors, and use on the card again.
  5. Repeat this step till all the card stock is covered by the strips.
  6. Attach this to the Lagoon matting panel and place onto the front of the card.
  7. Stamp the sentiment onto the white sentiment panel in Archival ink and layer up onto the sentiment matting panel.
  8. Cut out the Unicorn and stamp in colours  ( i have used Raspberry, Lagoon and lemon) to match the stripes on the front of the card.
  9. Place the sentiment and the unicorn onto the front of the card using 3D foam tape.
  10. Add some bling to finish.

I hope that you like this little project and give it a go 🙂

so till next time..

keep on creating and bye for now.

Colleen V




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