Lindt Easter Egg Box

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

This is a little gift for all the ladies that come to my advanced card class once a month, and seeing as its almost Easter I thought that I would share it with Β you.

This would make a great little gift to place onto the table on Easter Sunday for your family and friends.

So here are the measurements, instructions and video:

Box base: 8-7/8’ x 2-7/8’ in card stock, Cranberry 1272 or Sapphire X5775

Score on all four sides @ 1/2’ and 1-1/8’


Clear lid: 7-7/8’ x 1-7/8’ in

Score on all four sides @ 5/8’


Banner piece: 5/8’ x 2-7/8’ in White Daisy 1385

And a small extra piece for the hearts

Twine: 18’ long Gold & White Z4014

Inks: Sapphire Z2848, Cranberry Z2816

Stamp set: Happy Heart A1192

  1. Burnish and fold all the score lines on the base.
  2. Follow the cutting guide to form the base and the lid.
  3. For the base- Fold the two tiny ends in.
  4. Add adhesive to the small end flaps.
  5. Add adhesive two the long 1/2′ side sections.
  6. Fold the small flaps in and bring the side sections up to form the box.
  7. Fold over the top sections to seal over the small flaps.
  8. For the lid- fold the score lines on the lid and then cut all the small squares away (making small notches on the sides and the flap sections.
  9. Place 6 eggs into the box and place the clear lid over top so that it fits inside the box base.
  10. Stamp the sentiment on to the banner piece, and then dove tail the right hand end.
  11. Stamp the two hearts onto the extra piece of white (1st stamp the larger heart in cranberry ink and then the small heart in Sapphire ink so that it over laps the red heart).
  12. Cut out around the hearts and using 3D foam tape, attach to the left hand end.
  13. Place the banner on the left hand top side of the box and then wrap the twine around 3 times near the hearts, and tie into a bow to finish.

here is the cutting guide:

Please cut away all the darker blue sections.

I hope that you like this little box and give it a go.

So till next time.

Keep on creating and bye for now πŸ™‚

Colleen V

Sugar Rush Ice cream Card

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

I’m back from my little holiday and ready to share with you this card using the Sugar Rush paper and the Sugar Rush- Scrapbooking stamp set.

This makes a great card for a little girl or for someone that loves ice cream.

Here are the measurements and video :

Card: 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′ White Value Pack X254

Matting panel: 5-1/4′ x 4′ in Whisper card stock X5929

Front right panel: 1-3/4′ x 5′ in Blossom card stock X5787

Front left panel: 2′ x 5′ in Sugar Rush Paper X7215B

Shimmer trim: 5′ piece in Aquar Z3086

Circles cut @ 1-1/4′ (cut 3) and the Cone is 1′ cut from, CricutΒ Artistry cartridge

Banner matting: 3-1/4′ x 3/4” in Whisper card stock

Banner Front: 3′ x 1/2′ in White Daisy card stock 1385

Stamp sets used: Sugar Rush-Scrapbooking Β D1715 and Hooked on You B1535

  1. Place the shimmer trim onto the paper panel down one side.
  2. place this panel onto the front of the Whisper panel and but the Blossom panel up against the shimmer trim side.
  3. Attach this panel to the front of the card.
  4. stamp the circles Sea Glass ink with the matching stamp and also the cone in Whisper ink (if you do not have a Cricut then you can just cut out around the stamped images) and place onto the Blossom panel.
  5. Stamp the birthday sentiment in Blossom ink onto the white banner piece and dove tail one end.
  6. Attach to the banner matting and dove tail the end to match.
  7. place onto the front over the bottom of the cone to finish using 3 D fome tape.

I hope that you like this card

so till next time

keep on creating and bye for now πŸ™‚

Money Wallet Card

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

I just thought that I would pop next’s weeks post up now as I’m off on a little cruise with my mum and sister this week…… sunshine, sea and relaxation …I can’t wait πŸ™‚


So here it is. This is a money wallet card that I made in my last card class, and it went down a real treat and it’s very ease to make.

Here are the measurements, instructions and video:


Card Stock: 7, x 8-15/16’ White Daisy 1385

Score on the 8-15/16’ side @ 3’ & 6’

Matting panel: 2-3/4’ x 6-3/4’ Pacifica X5759, Β 1-1/4′ x 5-1/2′ in Pacifica C5759

Paper panel: 2-1/2’ x 6-1/2’ Some Kinda Wonderful X7217B

Front panel: 1′ x 5-1/4‘ in White Daisy 1385

Thin Cut: Happy Birthday Z3304

Stamp set: Birthday Sparkles B1537

Ink: Pacifica Z2892

  1. Burnish and fold all the score lines.
  2. On the 8-15/16’ side, on the 3rd (2-15/16’ panel), measure in 2’ and make a small mark.
  3. Turn to the 7’ side on the same panel and measure in 2’, and make a small mark.
  4. Place this panel into your trimmer, so that both the marks are in the cutting groove, and cut this section away.
  5. Add adhesive to the opposite end to the cut away section (as shown in the cutting Diagram) and fold up to form a pocket for the money to sit in.
  6. Attach the paper to the matting panel, and place onto the front of the card.
  7. Cut out the happy birthday thin cut, and place onto the front of the card.
  8. Stamp a greeting inside the card.


Here is the scoring and cutting guide.

Just to let you know that all thin cuts and thin cut bundles have 25% off in the month of March only. So jump over to you nearestΒ consultant to have a look and maybe purchase some for your self.

I hope that you like this project and give it a go, so till I come home,

keep on creating and bye for now πŸ™‚

Colleen V

Dreamin’ Big Card

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

I hope that you like this card. Its quick and easy to make.


This card is made using the Dreamin’ Big paper and the stamp set and Thin Cuts Bundle to match. The Happy Birthday is from the “Hooked on You” stamp set.

Here are the measurements, instructions and video:

Card : 5-1/2′ x 4-1/4′ White Value pack X254

Paper: 1′ x 5-1/2′ cut 2 in Dreamin’ Big paper X7218B

Card stock: 1-3/4′ x 5-1/2′ in Poppy X5779

Card stock: 1/4′ x 5-1/2′ cut 2 in Saffron X5778

Card stock: 3/4′ x 3-3/8′ Whisper X5929

Card stock: 1/2′ x 3-1/4′ White Daisy 1385 plus an extra piece for stamping the butterflies on too.

Thin Cut Bundle: Dreamin’ Big Cardmaking Bundle Z3303

Inks used: Poppy Z2852, Β Saffron Z2851, Juniper Z2865

Stamp set used: Hooked on You B1535 (Happy Birthday)

  1. Place the paper to the folded edge of the card.
  2. Then but ever other piece up against the edge of the last on to form the pattern in the picture.
  3. Stamp the butterflies and cut them out with the thin cut to match.
  4. Place them onto the front of the card with 3D foam tape.
  5. Butt the white and grey pieces together at one end, make sure that there is an equal boarder of the grey around the white.
  6. Make a cut about 3/8′ up the middle of the level ends (as shown in the picture).
  7. Then cut on the diagonal from one point to the top of the cut line.
  8. repeat this step on the other side.
  9. Then move the white strip up to the other end. This gives you a perfect even boarder around the 3 sides of the banner piece.
  10. Β Stamp the Birthday sentiment on to the white piece and place onto the very right hand side of the card as shown.



I hope that you give this card a go. So till next time,

Keep on creating and bye for now πŸ™‚

Colleen V

Lindt Chocolate Hen in a Box/Bag

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

I hope that you like this little box/bag for the Lindt Chocolate Hen. I found the little hens at Woollies Supermarket for $3 each.

This would be great for a fair or market stall, around about Easter time.


So here are the instructions, measurements and video

Box Base:

Card stock: 8-1/2’ x 2-1/4’ Lemon X5785

Score on the 8-1/2’ side @ 2-1/4’, 4’, 6-1/4’ & 8’

Score on the 2-1/4’ side @ 1-1/2’

Page Protector: 8-1/2’ x 3-3/4’ Top Load Pages 4110

Strip for Base: 8-1/2’ x 3/4′ Some Kinda Wonderful X7217B


Card stock: 2’ x 4’

Score on the 2’ side 1’

Paper: 1’ x 4’

Easter Banner: 3-1/2’ x 3/4′ White Daisy 1385

Ink: Black Z2805

Stamp set: Easter Bunny S1702

Adhesive: Tombow tape runner

  1. Fold and burnish all the score lines.
  2. Follow the cutting diagram and remove the long thin rectangle on the bottom.
  3. Cut up the other three score lines, taking out small wedges from the two side flaps.
  4. Taking the Page protector piece. Place the 8-1/2’ side onto the 3/4’ section of the base (make sure that it sits just above the score line).
  5. Using your bone folder, gently press the 1/2′ side section over on the clear page protector.
  6. Add Tombow adhesive to this section and fold the other side over to form the box.
  7. Using your bone folder, rub the section with the adhesive on to seal this join.
  8. For the bottom – Fold the two side flaps in and then the back. Add adhesive to the front flap and fold up to form the bottom of the box.
  9. Add adhesive to the 8-1/2’ paper strip and gently fold and pinch all the way around the 3/4’ sides of the box.
  10. Place the hen inside, and pinch the top together (as shown in the picture.
  11. Place the paper onto the top panel, then place this onto the top of the box/bag.
  12. Using a hand held stapler. Staple the top on.
  13. Stamp the happy Easter onto the banner piece and dove tail both ends.
  14. Attach to the top panel with 3D foam tape.


Here is the cutting diagram:


I hope that you give this little project a go.

So till next time.

Keep on creating and Bye for now

Colleen V

Tall Easter Box with 3 Cadbury Eggs

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

Here are the tall Easter Boxes, using the Easter Bunny Stamp of the Month S1702.tall-easter-box1

I just love the end results of this box and I hope that you do too.

Here are the measurements, instructions ans video:

Card stock: 10′ x 6-1/2′

score on the 6-1/2′ side Β @ 1-1/2′, 3′, 4-1/2′ & 6′

Score on the 10′ side @ 1/2′, 1-1/2′ & 8-3/4′

Turn back to the top, and on the 2 & 4 panels score @ 2-1/4′ & 5-1/4′ down to the 1/2′ score line. Using a ruler and scoring tool to make, score from the mark to the intersecting score lines to form a triangle onto panels 2 & 4.

Cut out 3: 1-1/2′ circles from the Basic Circle Thin Cut.

Page protector: 2′ x 6-3/4′

Extra white card stock for the bunny: 3′ x 2′

  1. Make a mark with a pencil onto the score line 3 @ 2-1/8′, 4-3/8′ & 6-5/8′.
  2. Fold the circles in half.
  3. Place the 3 circles onto the front of the box, on to panels 3 & 4 so that you just cover over the pencil marks, make sure that the fold line matches the score line.
  4. Fold the 1/2′ side piece in (on the 6-1/2′ side) and lay onto the Big Shot platform. Place the circle thin cut over one of the circle to lock it in place and run it through the Big Shot.
  5. Β Repeat this step on the next two circles.
  6. Onto the bottom score of the box, stamp the grass and then the flowers.
  7. Use some ShinHan markers to colour in the flowers and leaves.
  8. Using the 3/8′ glue dots. Place 4 of them onto the inside of the box between the circle, as shown in cutting diagram.
  9. Place 4 glue dots onto the four corners of the page protector piece, and place over the top of the three circles and glue dots.
  10. Fold and burnish all the score lines and gently pinch the small triangles.
  11. Cut up all the score lines to the bottom score line and cut away the small rectangle.
  12. Add glue to the 1/2′ side section and fold over to form the box.
  13. Fold in the two side flaps on the bottom, then the back and add glue to the front flap and fold up to form the bottom of the box.
  14. Place the three Easter eggs inside the box and close the top into the milk carton shape.
  15. Punch two 1/8′ holes into the top and thread some ribbon through and tie into a knot and set aside for the tag.
  16. Taking the tag, stamp the Happy Easter onto the front and add three pieces of bling to finish.
  17. Thread onto the ribbon and tie into a bow.
  18. Stamp out the bunny onto a piece of card stock and colour in with the ShinHan markers. Cut out around the bunny and using 3D foam tape, attach it to the front of the box.


Here is the cutting guide for the box.


Products used:

Card stock: Crystal Blue 1292

Page protector: 4110

Stamp of the month: Easter Bunny S1702

Basic Circles Thin Cuts Z3318

Inks: Willow Z2807, Archival Black Z3271

Bling: Sugar Rush Z3310

Ribbon: Whimsy Z3287, Uptown Z3289

I hope that you give these boxes a go for the little people in your lives. as these are made for mine. Charlies is the green one, Henry’s is the blue, Evie’s Β is the purple and Bonnie’s is yellow.

I’ve used the ShinHan marker to colour in the Easter Bunnies.

So till Next time.
Keep on creating and bye for now πŸ™‚

Colleen V


Small Easter Egg Box

Hi every one πŸ™‚

I found a box like this one on Pinterest made by Christi from Stampin Texas.

I just loved the style of this little box, and I wanted to share it with you.


For the inside box, I have used the new Sugar Rush thin cuts. As I found this to be the best one to hold the Cadbury Creme Egg in place. The circle for the front is from the new Basic Circle thin cuts, and is the 1-1/2′ circle.

The happy Easter and the basket are from the Stamp of the Month “Easter Bunny” stamp set.

I used the ShinHan Markers to colour in the basket.

Here are the measurements, instructions and video:

Wrap around: 8-1/4′ x 2′ in Pacifica X5759

Score on the 8-1/4′ side @ 5/8′, 3-1/8′, 5-1/8′ & 7-5/8′


5-1/2′ x 3′ in Pacifica X5759

Score on the 5-1/2′ side @1/2′, 2-1/2′, 3′ & 5′

Score on the 3′ side @ 1/2′ & 2-1/2′

Page protector or Acetate: 1-7/8′ x 1-7/8′ 4110

Top strips: 2′ x 5/8′ Β Some Kinda Wonderful paper pack X7217B

Bottom strip: 1/2′ x 8-1/2′Β Some Kinda Wonderful paper pack X7217B

Tag: 2-1/4′ x 1-1/4′ White Daisy 1385

Make a mark on one of the 1-1/4′ sides @ 3/8′ & 5/8′

Make a on the 2-1/4′ side @ 1/4′ on both side (as shown in the diagram)

8′ peice of White and Gold Ribbon Z3189

Corner Rounder Z1912,Β Basic Circle Thin Cuts Z3318, Sugar Rush Thin Cuts Bundle Z3300

  1. Fold and Burnish all the score lines on the wrap around and box.
  2. Place the 1-1/2′ thin cut circle onto the wrap around, just under the 5/8′ score line.
  3. Place mini glue dots on all 4 corners of the the page protector, and place over the circle on the inside.
  4. Using the thin cut icing shape from the Sugar Rush thin cuts. Cut out the middle of one of the squares on the box. You can also use a 1-1/4′ circle punch.
  5. On the long side of the box, cut up all the little tabs and notch each one (but not the long ones)
  6. Add adhesive to the small tabs and the long side on one end of the box. Fold up and form into a box.
  7. Add adhesive to the bottom of the box and place into the centre of the wrap around.
  8. Add the 2′ x 5/8′ pieces to the top of the wrap around and using a corner punch, round the corners.
  9. Wrap the 1/2′ x 8-1/2′ paper strip to the around the side section of the box.
  10. Using a 1/8′ Hole punch, bring the top sections together and punch two holes in the top to thread the ribbon through.
  11. Following the cutting guide, cut the top to form the tag.
  12. punch a 1/8′ hole in the top and then stamp the Easter sentiment onto the tag.
  13. Thread the ribbon through the tag and through the box and tie into a bow to finish.

Here is the cutting guide:



Here is a little Easter card made with the stamp of the month for February 2017, and also using the new paper Some Kinda Wonderful.

I hope that you liked this little project πŸ™‚

so till next time.

Keep on creating and bye for now

Colleen V